Mr. Nice Guy.

Nice guys finish last because they make sure their women came first.

Most of my blog posts is about love, voicing out girl's point of view or the side of the ladies who happens to be in the same situation as me or their situation that I'm relating to. I don't want to be so bias so this post will be about the gentlemen. The guys' turn now. *smiles I have a handful of guy friends too. && I think it would be nice to know more about their side every once in a while considering the fact that they also suffers a lot of drama on their lives. *winks Obviously I'm not a sexist, i respect and value each other's principle. So lets just say that i'm trying to exercise a good balance on this blog. :)

Usually we see the “nice guy” in love with a “good girl”, but the “good girl” is in love with a jerk. The jerk gets the girl, crushes her heart and the good guy is there to mend the pain. Now this is when she will either fall in love with the “nice guy” cause she realized he was there for her the entire time, or (in most cases) she will fall in love with another jerk, who will also crush her heart, and the “nice guy” is there to mend her pain again. This happens oh so very often. It must be irritating and frustrating for the “nice guys” to always experience this.

I mean you are always there for her whenever she needs someone. You just want to make her happy. So it kills you to see that she chooses to be with some ass. It might even kill you, whenever she says you’re “such a good friend”. Like how come she can not see that you can make her happier than he can? That you will try your best every single day to make her happy? That you will rather die than hurt her feelings? That it crushes you whenever you see her cry?

Then you start to think that girls will either not notice you or only see you as a friend. Then you start to wonder maybe you are not good enough? There must be a reason why girls don’t want you. Then you think of all your imperfections, all of your flaws. You might even start to question things. You think “I’m a sweet guy. I’d listen to the girl, I’d give her advice when she needs it and I’d make her laugh. I’d never lie to her or cheat on her, so why can’t I get a girl?

These past few days, I'm seeing this situation happen to a close friend of mine. The shy guy, who didn’t really dare to make any moves onto the girl he liked, since he respects girls too much. He was always the “friend”, who ended up being the one who’d get crushed. He couldn’t understand why a girl would rather be with an ass, than with a guy who would actually respect her and care for her. And then out of the blue he met a nice girl. As many “nice guys”, he was kinda shy at the beginning, but look at how it turned out to be. They're Going strong and oh-so-in-love. So I do believe that there is someone for every “nice guy” out there.

Yeah, I guess I'm that "Nice Guy," but I just want to be the person who’s friends with everyone and then finally meets the right girl..-Unknown

The girl you might like right now only sees you as a friend or doesn’t notice you at all. But one day, a girl will notice you. And all of your imperfections is what she will think makes you cute. She will smile at you, laugh with you. She will like you and then fall in love with you. This is the girl you will get. So as for right now.. It’s okay that you didn’t get the girl today, cause the girl you will get in the future will be way better, and she will love you for the nice guy you are.

xx, myarah


Anonymous | December 7, 2011 at 9:28 PM

Guys' turn! ^^

Gisella | December 7, 2011 at 10:26 PM

me and my boyfriend's love story! :))))))) freakin' love this!! he's suchh a nice guy.

Anonymous | December 8, 2011 at 5:51 PM

Marah! you're the most prettiest blogger ever. loveyou and your blog posts! beauty and brains!! :) -Gen

Myarahh | December 8, 2011 at 5:56 PM

Anonymous haha yuppp! <3
Gisella - Wohoa, glad you liked it :)
Gen- No words, super thank youu!!! <3

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