The World Turns.

What if the love of your life that you had always chased and chased and basically crawled for their attention, finally, under some weird happening, took notice at you and decided that finally, they wanted you too?

This person that you basically fought tooth and nail for, who ignored you all of those times, who you cried yourself to sleep at night over, finally is like, “oh wait, I want you now.”

At first it is flattering, right? Like damn, this person that I was chasing, now wants me! Then it starts to make you mad, like what the hell dude?! After all of that shit, you’re NOW going to take notice after some odd years later?! As much as you hate it, you start realizing, you don’t want them anymore. You fought so hard for them in the beginning that now you are exhausted and you could careless if they are begging for your attention. It’s like the clouds have parted and sunlight is coming through.. You now take notice that you actually don’t need this person as much as you thought you did. That’s how the world turns :)

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