And now I'm back on blogging, after a few months of being soooooo busy at work. Finally i have the time to write something up. Work, personal, and social life... I've been juggling those three for almost six months. Can you believe that it's already half a year since my last sane post? HAHAHA Anyway a lot has happened to me, good and bad.. but for the record it's mostly good. Recovered from a heartbreak, moved on, passed my regularization exam, been socially deprived, got to know a certain someone, and eventually my cycle became eat, sleep and fly.

I realized I've so many unpublished posts in this blog. Too bad, i don't think it's appropriate to post them anymore because i now considered them wasted thoughts. The last few months helped me recovered. I proved that time really heals everything, scars and blisters whatever you have. Most especially if you got your heartbroken, time will eventually patch that hole in your heart as if it was never been broken. It's not that easy but i never stopped remembering these words, "show the tough time that you're a lot tougher". And now looking at the mirror and seeing a real smile spread across my face, realizing that finally I'm recovered. So for that I'm thankful.

I moved on. I walked away when i felt like I've been unappreciated and never loved. At first i was guilty i thought he ought to have an explanation but then when he never went after me. I was like i did the best damn decision i ever made in my life. I continue moving forward. Kudos to me, finally my stupidity exceed to its limit and finally went back to zero so i became wise again. HAHA loljk Lesson learned. No regrets. I can honestly say that I've moved on. Whenever I hear his name, no more butterflies, just this 'Razbliuto', this blank feeling you have to someone you used to love. And day by day, I'm forgetting everything about him. I can't even remember the way he smiles. And sometimes I wish i realized sooner that he never love me as much as loved him so that the painful part isn't too painful. But he made me realize I deserve better, I deserve to be treated way better and for that I'm thankful.

Almost five months employed and as a pre-requisite for my regularization. Probationary employees are required to have a Revalida exam.. it's like a board exam only for Cabin Crews. HAHAHA I went by days and nights without getting so much sleep because after my work I have to find the time to review our Cabin Crew manual. So it's kinda hard keeping everything balance. Weeks went by without me seeing my friends or even going home at my house... i just stay at my apartment. Geeking as I call it but hard work really pays off with God's grace I passed that exam. Another reason to be thankful.
And the best part, fate allowed me to meet someone and for some dumb luck, it also allowed me to get to know this special person.. he gave me something to smile about, he loves my imperfections, he loves my independence, he laughs about my stubbornness, he's appreciative and more, he never fail to surprise me. He's different in a good way, i like it.-MG

I wish I could type more but I dont want to get more of your time reading this. God is good, really. All thanks to him. I love where my life is heading now and I can never ask for anything anymore. I'm thankful.

xx, myarah

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