The Perfect Girl.

Let’s face it. It’s every man’s dream to find the so called perfect girl. In other terms, it’s also called dream girl, but that doesn’t matter. What matters though is the question, “Is she really worth it?”

Let’s ask ourselves. Given the situation that your perfect girl is standing in front of you, waiting for you to make the move and knowing that you two are similar. Does that necessarily mean you two should go out because you two are perfect for each other? You two may really be alike, but that isn't the deciding factor you should consider. Similarity isn’t the answer here. It’s your feelings towards her.

Sure she may be perfect, but do you really have feelings towards her? It’s not always the case that the perfect girl is also the one. Watching How I Met Your Mother, I came to realize this when Ted chose Robin instead of the perfect girl for him. When you choose between the girl who makes you laugh, who makes you happy and who makes you live through everyday with a reason and between the girl who’s perfect for you just because you have every little thing to be alike, choose the one that makes you happy; because, no matter how perfect someone may be, there’s no guarantee that she will make you the happiest man alive. But you're one heck of a lucky guy if that 'perfect girl' and the one who makes you happy is one and the same.

Many girl wants to be that girl with the sun-kissed tan, small feet, perfect hair that always seems to shine and never has any split ends, the girl with the full lips and white straight teeth. The girl who can make the ugliest face in the world and still look cute doing it, who eats whatever she wants and never gains any weight. The one who always seems to look flawless and beautiful without even trying, who always gets the perfect grades and the hottest guys, who is always smiling and when she’s upset the whole world wants to comfort her. The one that guys give their hoodies to and girls envy. 

Who is never alone, always has someone by her side, never has to feel the pain of being upset with no one to talk to. So many girls wants to be 'that' girl, why? because SOME men gave them the idea that they're not enough. They use those girls love to manipulate. Ain't love sometimes unfair?
I feel so bad hearing my friends complain whether they're not skinny enough or they're not pretty enough, afraid that their boyfriends will leave them for someone more beautiful or more perfect (by the standards of this society). It's sad knowing that many people loses their self-worth and confidence. I was like 'No you're beautiful, if he really loves you he won't even dare to show otherwise. But if he's love isn't that much, i guarantee you there's that guy who's looking for you and he'll be contented with what you have.' If he's thinking that he needs someone perfect, he's delusional because no one is.
xx, myarah

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