I Fell Inlove.

Some of the greatest feelings in the world is to be around someone who wants to hold you, wants to kiss your forehead, wants to be around you, wants to call you at night, wants to see you smile. But I think what’s better than that is finding someone who does it all because he wants to see you happy… If you are so blessed to be in love, take care of that love, that strong friendship. Treasure what you have.


“For goodness’ sake, I think I’m on the edge
of something new with you.”
— Hurricane, Something Corporate
It seems like every time I post I have some sort of guy situation. I’ve only talked about one though, which was kind of way too old behind. The other posts have been about my past. Ahh, typical hopeless romantic.

Anyway, I haven’t had the feeling of being smitten in a while. Even with the last guy, I didn’t really feel like this. I realized I can still be pretty naive.
"Why hurt a girl who will never hurt you?"-MG


And now I'm back on blogging, after a few months of being soooooo busy at work. Finally i have the time to write something up. Work, personal, and social life... I've been juggling those three for almost six months. Can you believe that it's already half a year since my last sane post? HAHAHA Anyway a lot has happened to me, good and bad.. but for the record it's mostly good. Recovered from a heartbreak, moved on, passed my regularization exam, been socially deprived, got to know a certain someone, and eventually my cycle became eat, sleep and fly.

The World Turns.

What if the love of your life that you had always chased and chased and basically crawled for their attention, finally, under some weird happening, took notice at you and decided that finally, they wanted you too?

This person that you basically fought tooth and nail for, who ignored you all of those times, who you cried yourself to sleep at night over, finally is like, “oh wait, I want you now.”

At first it is flattering, right? Like damn, this person that I was chasing, now wants me! Then it starts to make you mad, like what the hell dude?! After all of that shit, you’re NOW going to take notice after some odd years later?! As much as you hate it, you start realizing, you don’t want them anymore. You fought so hard for them in the beginning that now you are exhausted and you could careless if they are begging for your attention. It’s like the clouds have parted and sunlight is coming through.. You now take notice that you actually don’t need this person as much as you thought you did. That’s how the world turns :)
Don't start what you can't finish.-MG
You never fail to surprise me.-MG

The Perfect Girl.

Let’s face it. It’s every man’s dream to find the so called perfect girl. In other terms, it’s also called dream girl, but that doesn’t matter. What matters though is the question, “Is she really worth it?”
When I let go of those things that makes me sad, I became much more happier.-MG


Birthdays are weird... Every year, I feel stressed about them because I feel ‘officially old’. 18 felt old because I legally became an adult, 19 felt old because suddenly 18 felt like an age of innocence, 20 felt old because I wasn't a teenager anymore, and now 21 feels old because…I don’t even know. lol

I just turned 21 today. Which means that I've already lived 21% of my life if I live up to 100. This means that I am four years short of living through a quarter of my life. It’s one of those things that seems kind of strange when you think about it. So again, thanks to all those who remembered and greeted me via phone, text, and even e-mails. I love you all. :)
Goodbye, my younger days. But I’ll forever be young at heart.-MG
I haven't felt happier, got to meet my friends whom i haven't seen from ages. haha I thank my dolls for spending my bday with me(my bday song, i mean video). God knows how happy I am. Thank you Lord for everything.. and P.S. my b-day celebration isnt over yet because i havent celebrated with my MEMA family yet. hihi Looking forward to it! <3
xx, myarah
I hate him with a passion so deep, sometimes it still felt like love.-MG
It's nice to see some of my HS friends again, all thanks to Martin Torno's b-day bash last night. I even had the chance to talk to people whom I haven't even talk to at High School. HAHA Nice to see you again guys!-MG
Basing your decision on someone else's advice is a big NO-NO. They won't deal with the consequences but you. So have your own stand.-MG

Dead End.

Dec. 29, 2012- Got to spend my last Saturday with my bestfriends... it's good to see them after a few weeks of missing them. I'm hating how my work schedule doesn't have a permanent day-off, it changes every week. HAHAHA Unfortunately I haven't spend a long time at the year end party, didn't even got the chance to say hi and hello to some acquaintances because I have to leave the party so early at late midnight. Such a shame, I have to work at 4am the next day. Hello zombie me. I'm getting so hard on myself, but what can I say my alliance with them is getting tighter and tighter by the minute. HAHAHA Thank you God for making them a part of my 2012. I hope to spend another year with them again.-MG
I'm scared to fall in love again only to fall apart.-MG
Happy New Year! Time to bid goodbye to 2012 and say hello to 2013. Thanks to everyone who became  huge part of it.-MG :)