Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had a Merry Xmas and will also have a prosperous New Year. New year, new love, new outlook in life. Time to bid goodbye to 2012 and start to do the countdown for 2013. I have a pretty good feeling 2013 will be good for me. I'm so looking forward for a new love, new adventures and new friends to be with. To 2012 thank you for all the hardships you taught me, that no matter how hard life will be always keep your chin up, smile that pretty smile and above all appreciate everything whether it's good or bad.-MG
It's Xmas and instead of listening to cheesy Christmas songs, I'm digging Paloma Faith's 'It's Christmas and I hate you'. A-HA-MG
This time last year was so different.-MG


One day he's here, the next day he's not. Sometimes he makes my heart melt. & sometimes he is a complete jerk and it gets really confusing. I’m starting to think this is some kinda of weird and sick joke, this thing between us, does makes no sense. I mean- he's not pushing me away, but he's not exactly coming after me either..
I thank my job for preoccupying my mind always. I love how it distracts me from thinking about him.-MG

The End.

These feelings, so complicated and frustrating because it’s been so long, these feelings for you. It’s just so foolish to dive into this switch thing, constantly on and off. In this time, i hope so badly that you’ll see, i’m right here. i don’t need a label, just some consistency. I need to know that you’re not going to wake up tomorrow and feel completely different but i know again and again you'll wake up and feel completely different. That's the truth and we both know it.
I was rummaging through my things and got a hold to my diary. One thought popped into my head instantly while reading most of it: i really have love that boy.-MG
I didn't get mad when you chose your friends over me, but you get mad when I chose my friends over you, but then right after— you chose your friends over me, again.Is it fair?-MG
I feel like I stopped being crazy.-MG

When I'm Done.

Up until this point i had convinced myself that i would much rather love you just to keep you than lose you as a friend, but its not healthy for me. Something inside me is latched on to you and wont let go and everybody knows that but i have to concede now to this losing battle because i can never win you and I'm not sure if i want to anymore.
And if we never talk again always remember that i'm forever changed by who you are.-MG
At least I know I'm messed up, not like those people who acts everything's cool but badly needs a reality check.-MG
I miss that girl who talks nothing but love.-MG

Starting Over.

Here I am. I’ve been censoring myself by not posting much of anything because I know I can be seen, but I need this space. I need a place where my fears, introspection, silliness, happiness, craziness, and honesty can live outside of my head. I’m dealing with a lot right now, and I should be able to express myself without fear. My intentions are good, but maybe it’s not my responsibility to cater to someone else's feelings, especially when it causes me to suppress my own.

I think we're both too scared.-MG
He may love you but he's not inlove with you.-MG

Ms. Independent.

“Miss Independent, Miss Self-sufficient, Miss Keep-Your-Distance, Miss Unafraid, Miss Out-of-My-Way, Miss Don’t-Let-a-Man-Interfere, oh Miss On-Her-Own, Miss Almost-Grown… By keeping her heart protected, she’d never ever feel rejected.”
— Kelly Clarkson

I can always take care of myself, but I still want to meet a person who can take care of me, much more than I do. The problem with being independent, is that people think you like to be alone. We don't like it but we don't have a problem about it. I know am so independent. It’s always, “Oh, no, I can do this.” “Yeah, don’t worry, I got it.”