Just for the record, I'm still single.. and it seems like one person is spreading lies about me being officially with him. Which is very wrong considering that I don't even like him. That's so low of him, i don't even want to mention his name but I will if i have to (don't test my patience). Don't embarrass yourself. -MG


Mr.Yoso | November 9, 2012 at 8:14 PM

Future Love - Varsity

ehem! you that you created this blog for your personal type of haven. God gave you the ability to write because he knows you suck speech. looser!jk hehehe.

My word is my pride. i can't hurt you. :)

Love is a funny thing it comes to us in a strange way.

6 billion people around the globe. let say 3.5 billion girls
2.5 billion boys and let say
2 billion single girls
1 billion single boys.
why you? why me? let us find out.

my name is Patrick Cruz im your no.1 FUN! :D

this you right? all i can say is your AMAZING!
" a true persons value is inside"

punta tayo sa nag break kayo ng ex bf mo.
i mean hindi ba nya nakita ung worth mo? binabasa ba nya tong blog mo? maybe. naiintindihan ba nya mga sinasabe mo dito? maybe.
inaapply ba nya? i guess not. why?

eh kung naiintindihan nya at inaapply nya edi sana kayo pa din at sobrang sayo nyo diba? haha anyway. lets move on to the" can we just chill?" "just be steady?"
then you asked him "do i need to move on?...." he said "Yes" ouch! hindi ka na naka pag salita iyak ka nalang. BECAUSE YOU SUCK AT SPEECH! looser! JK :D

dun na nag start. nakita ko yung mga pinag daanan mo nun ang mean ko pa nga ung nasa van tayo nag pplay ako ng music patama sayo. HAHAHA
well even na tayo dun ah? meron din ako nun eh 10x HAHAHAHAHAH

extra (tignan mo ung picture naten sa batangas ung tayong dalawa lang. "THE SMILE THAT SAYS I NEED YOU" HAHA)

tapos un na hindi ka makabalik hindi ka maka move. where are you? HOPELESS PLACE! parang ayaw mo na mag mahal eh noh? masaket eh noh? hahaha

punta naman tayo sa story ko.
same lang din eh. stubborn as bulls empty as dessert i know she's not happy and i don't want to pro long it. naki pag break ako STRAIGHT!
sometimes in life we make the worst choices, we dont know the outcome thats for sure. but when youre caught up in the moment, it'll leave you no choice but to face the consequences.

Karma (n) the persons actions during one their existences; held to determine their destiny; (inf) a certain aura that persons posses. HAHAHA

applying is harder than i thought sobrang totoo kahit gano ka ka galing mag payo hindi mo kayang payuhan ung sarili mo. haha

UNTIL! your blog came. binasa ko ung heartbreak. eh wala ka eh nakaka relate ako eh. "oonga noh" "dapat pala ganun" HAHAHA tapos ever post mo ina abangan ko na. hehe hanggang sa nakilala na kita ng lubos. Wow ang bait pala ni Marah ang ganda pa. HAHAHA (wag mong sabihing bolero ko dahil mas bolera ka!) :p

ewan ko eh parang may kidlat na tumama eh. BZZZZT! HAHAHAHA
hindi ko ma explain eh. skip na tayo. haha

then nakita kita ine express mo ung sarili mo.ung mga nararamdaman mo ako nga din. (ingitero!) HAHAHA hindi ko lang masabe ikaw ung inspirasyon ko dun eh. HAHA
nag papa tulong ako sayo parang ayaw mo kong tulungan. damot JK!:D
hanngang sa hindi ko na alam gagawin ko hindi ko na alam kung anong nararamdaman ko basta sulat lang ako ng sulat nun hanggang sa umain ako diba? sabe mo "you're nothing!" WHAAAAAT! HAHAHAHA

"bat ganun? mahal ko naman sya? nothing daw? hindi naman ako nothing papatunayan ko un sa kanya papatunayan ko yun!" LOOSER na LOOSER! kung makikita mo lang ako nun. HAHAHA

then naisip ko na since you love books " AAAH! GAWIN KO NGANG BOOK TONG BLOG NYA! MAGUGUSTUHAN NYA UN! HAHA pa print? thats what you call HARD COPY. haha

then tuloy tuloy lang ako basa sulat day by day natuto ko nakilala ko ung sarili ko likes&dislikes alam ko ng ung mga priorities. DREAMS aspiration its like a short nagkarion ng direksyon ung buhay
its like realationship between me my self and I. :)

Mr.Yoso | November 9, 2012 at 8:15 PM

you're right if you're inlove your mind is always rught.
binalikan ko ung mga pinag daanan ko sayo masasabe isa lang masasabe ko. WUTHEFVCKEVER! HAHAHAHAHAHA
i wish alam ko ung bahay nyo.
kakatukin talaga kita sa inyo. "tao po tao po anjan po ba si marah?" "bakit sino ka?" ako po ung ung mukang tanga sa cubao ung natutulog sa upuan na may hawak na regalo mukang gago!" TAAAANGGGG.....ang inumin mo wag MILO. HAHA

Girls are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. The boys don’t want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren’t as good, but easy. So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they’re amazing. They just have to wait for the right boy to come along, the one who’s brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree. -Unknown + your bestfriend is my ex girlfriend. OUCH! wheew! HAHAHA

BUT HEY! look whos standing with his two feet? thank god im still alive. what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger.
spell quit? "NEVER QUIT!"
you cant give up. because if you give up you'll never find the half that makes you whole. :)

Soulmate (n) a person such as a lover or a closefriend with whom bonds deeply. :)

For me? finding a perfect partner in life is the most beautiful thing in this world. :)

F(Love)AMES. :)

Monkey (super compatible) :)

Pices: Without you i'm nothing,
you're my everything.

Aquarius: Without you i'm lonely and unpretty you're my happiness and beauty. :)

The best lovestory is here in reality written in Diary and Poetry.

Life taught you how to write your own Fairytale.
Love taught me how to write my
own Fatery tale.

Two odinary people
with an extraordinary love
livin in a different world
the distance is heaven and earth
different lifestory
but with a same lovestory
they met once by serendipity
smiled at each other but totally stranger
incomplete being coz part of them are missing
hearts filled with misery and sorry
buried deep down bellow
until a mysterious Diary and Poetry
came like an arrow
revive their hearts and brought them back to life and love
fate binds them together
everything inside them screams
that theyre meant for each other
shattered heart that felt the most pain
now crossing each others lane
precious diamond hearts as one, unbreakable their FOREVER has began.

Mr.Yoso | November 9, 2012 at 8:17 PM

I do declare my self to you with pen set to paper. :)

"you will set the red carpet on fire with that amazing attire best dress among the rest pretty girls are envy in your beauty and one of a kind personality hyper awesome sarcastic independent confident smart silly friendly dorky exactly fits mine perfectly i can really feel the soul crashing attraction
you're all i ever needed all i ever wanted fvck grenade! i will catch a meteor i'm your knight in shinning armor my Queen my Everything my other wing together we will fly and swing in the air of love were soooooo much inlove we will leave earth then buy our own world
no one beats filipina the most beautiful girl in the planet is you"- Maria Clara

"we will show you the meaning of supremacy alias ungaz born and raised in YVC brawn brain and blood i'm ready for any battle hungry lion breaking out of his cage built for the kill king of the jungle vicious strike coming from behind youre not gonna make it alive only the strong will survive youll never take our pride wherever you throw us we will stand we will not die but suddenly multiply no evil force can block the power of Tau Gamma phi we're the number one fraternity in the nation no doubt no question we use reason as power not the use of power as reason humble triskelion never troubles unless troubled man is a brother unto man respect and be respected give it to get it LIVE and LET LIVE KAPATID"
-Heart of a lion

"this is my lifestory listen
closely and hold on tight this is a roller coaster hell of a ride!
i grew up with my granny and grandpop moms busy working overseas home is not easy for me not cool im a stubborn kid i quit school thats what i did its hard for me to breathe out there street is my air on my own feet i want to go everywhere happy go lucky exploring every block in the city but roads are getting rough zigzag and full of crap knuckle headed heading on a dead end i dont know what to do no where else to go im done! end of the road i became bum so dumb fool end up miserable random voices inside my head but no choice i need to face my demon everyday here in philly is a battle and struggle"

this is me!

Marah Helena Mendoza Gaa
i will take care of you FOREVER
wanna be my girlfriend? :>

Marah Gaa | November 12, 2012 at 4:15 AM

I wont delete these comments because i appreciate the thought. Thanks if my posts became an inspiration.. but please know the difference between healthy admiration and annoying approach.

P.S. It's not looser, it's loser. ! :)

P.P.S. I don't want to be your girlfriend. && There's nothing you can do to change my mind. You'll find someone that will be right for ya! Trust me on that one!

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