After a few months of not blogging, i decided to write something that's kinda connected on hardships and trials, mine to be exact. People often have the perception that I get all the things I want so easily, that i don't have to put so much effort or work as twice as much as they do. They think that I actually always get something that i want to if I wish to. How funny and at the same time dreadful that some people are so shallow about what they think of me.
"You got me feeling like I'm nothing"-Taylor Swift
Everyday it feels like I'm going on a battlefield, in a warzone that is life. You see, I have my moments too, on the outside everthing's seems so perfect, i have the amazing friends, a well-provided life, but if you really cared to look more closely you'll see how messy can things get. I have to be strong or have to look strong just to please everyone around me. Those people who I always think highly of ended up disappointing me or much more worst ended up hurting me. I just feel so alone. Have you ever felt that? Even when people will tell you the words "I'm always here for you" so where exactly is 'here'?.
I was asked once or twice, why do you have to be so hard to understand?... And I was like have you ever really tried to understand me because it's not rocket science to know why.-MG
I tried opening up to a few friends, I'm thankful for the love and feels sorry for the judgement. In these tough times you will really know the ones that should stay in your life and who you should let go. The only things that keeps me going is knowing why I should put up with all these madness, is that problems are only existing if you're afraid to solve them. I'm not the melodramatic type but sometimes there will be a point in your life that seems unbearable. It's exhausting to wake up everyday only to see that probably it will never go away. I just wish for it to stop, but i know i'm stronger than this.

I'll get by from this phase.. I have to. This is it, for now.

xx, myarah


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Marah Gaa | November 12, 2012 at 4:05 AM

thank youuu! <3

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