Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you'll understand how hard it is in trying to change others.-MG

To The Annoying Monkey.

Let me give you 5 minutes of my time.. So how do I put this... you asked why is it that I'm only making you stop right now after 4 months? Memory check or check my past archives of comments.. I told you a couple of times to STOP before or to LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE or do you just had a tumor so it clouded your memory or wherever you put your intellect (that is, if you have one). You're so talkative with nothing but nonsense. It's annoying. Every posts that I have, you're gonna comment like it was for you? Don't be DELUSIONAL. But yes there is one... I remember the 'LEAVE ME ALONE' blog post.. you're one of the few jerks that should read that. :) I've been too nice you know, just letting you post this and that... but I had enough. It's so embarrassing, it's like I'm scolding a spoiled brat to stop, but doesn't listen. Yes, that's what you are a childish, pathetic, idiotic monkey.. right a monkey coz if you're a human.. you'll understand it right away. So PATRICK CRUZ.. leave me the hell alone.

p.s. to my readers.. i'm really sorry for those comments that you thought was so hilarious. I know it's creepy. Sorry again.

Just know that during the loneliest nights, you had me, you had someone who did care.-MG
I'm so proud of my bestfriend, you deserve every blessing that you've got. & one thing's for sure i'll always be here for you.-MG

Leave Me Alone.

So yeah I made a post within 15 minutes because i'm so annoyed about these guys, leaving messages on my phone, commenting non-stop with every post that I have on this blog and there goes the list. I tried to be nice.. saying that I'm not interested or go find another girl but you guys won't listen to me. It's getting frustrating and getting out of hand... and I'm becoming embarrassed with what you guys are doing. So i'm going to let the crazy one inside me out in this post. And I'm telling you this is one of the side of me that you don't want to see... Just so you know this week has been so tough on me, and I hate people who likes to double up my burden so STOP.
I think it's better to walk away than to face another cycle of misery. Too tired to fight a losing battle. So let me do the honor of leaving.-MG
If you're going to copy some of my quotes or any part of this blog and comment or make it as your own, at least have the nerve to put credits on it, or better yet ask for my permission.-MG
If I treat you the way you treat me, you'll hate me.-MG

Playing Safe.

It’s a person that is afraid to cross a certain bridge. 
It is a person that is afraid of taking risks. 
It is a person who is afraid of rejection. 
But they are challenged to take a certain course that is further answers a yes and a no. 
They are the ones who loves to experiment things. 
Whether they fail or succeed, still in every way they move, they play it safe. 

I don’t like to be the one that gets hurt. I don’t like opening myself up to be vulnerable. Is it better to open up and perhaps end up with a broken heart or have restraint and “play it safe” ?

First Job.

I'm Marah Gaa, flying with you.
Finally i can use my spare time writing blogs, so if you haven't figured out the reason why i kinda hold off blogging it's because i'm undergoing extensive training.. for my first job as a cabin crew. *whew* It got me all stress out and honestly at times i felt like giving up. It's exhausting, physically and emotionally demanding even. I've never worked harder for anything until now and now that I've passed the Supervised Learning Experience (it's like the counterpart of the licensing exams but for cabin crews) it felt amazing. It seems like all the stress, headaches, anxiety, or deppresion that you've got while training suddenly became all worth it. I hope i'd do well. :)
I hate knowing that he's having a bad time and there's nothing I can do to change it.-MG
Life goes on and you must go with it.-MG


After a few months of not blogging, i decided to write something that's kinda connected on hardships and trials, mine to be exact. People often have the perception that I get all the things I want so easily, that i don't have to put so much effort or work as twice as much as they do. They think that I actually always get something that i want to if I wish to. How funny and at the same time dreadful that some people are so shallow about what they think of me.
"You got me feeling like I'm nothing"-Taylor Swift
Just for the record, I'm still single.. and it seems like one person is spreading lies about me being officially with him. Which is very wrong considering that I don't even like him. That's so low of him, i don't even want to mention his name but I will if i have to (don't test my patience). Don't embarrass yourself. -MG