In every relationship, the person least interested in maintaining it is going to dominate because they’ll never compromise.-MG
I feel like people who don’t know how to compromise are people who don’t know how to be wrong. We tell each other it’s okay to be wrong, but it never feels like it’s okay. We all have within us this inherent, desperate desire to be liked by the people around us. And we are afraid that if we are wrong, they won’t like us anymore. It sounds irrational but I’ve felt that - the fear, the burning starting in your throat and going up to your ears, the embarrassment and compensatory defiance - and I know that in at least some of us, the impulse is there.

So compromise brings out the worst in some. They are so afraid that if they admit they don’t have everything right, the consequences will be unpleasant. But the thing is, in most situations, that won’t happen. People want to be right but reasonable people, at least, just want the best idea for the situation at hand, whether it’s theirs or someone else’s.

My belief has become, in recent years, to stick to my guns unless some better argument comes along. When the better one comes, I sometimes have trouble letting go because I’m afraid. But then I remember I shouldn’t be. Because we want the best answer, not the exact one that comes out of my mouth every time. And the world will not end if I concede that I’m mistaken, apologize if necessary, and move forward.

It’s okay to disagree. It’s okay to let your ideas step down a little. Compromise isn’t weakness. Stubborn close-mindedness, on the other hand, is.-MG
I feel like people need to take that thought seriously more often in their lives.

xx, myarah


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Anonymous | November 20, 2012 at 8:05 PM

i agree..
you don't need to compromise to everything

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