Get The Hint.

There's always that one dude who, no matter how blunt, rude, & boring you are when chatting, will continue to chat & tease. I actually can’t stand those kind of guys. We’re not in kindergarten…jokingly being rude to a girl 24/7 doesn’t work then later confess that you like her?!, it annoys the shit out of her. Sooo, uhhh, stop.

I pray that he leave me the hell alone. He have no idea how irritating he is. I need somebody who is mature enough to be polite to me. Oh, and I found out one of those attractive, sweet & respectful Tumblr guys lives near me. loljk, so if you're reading this: go away or I’ll release the flying monkey hounds on your stupid *ss.

There's this guy who's been annoying me for a couple of weeks now, at first it was okay because maybe that's the way he really is. So no questions ask, then he became irritatingly annoying.. && to my surprise he told me he loves me, like seriously? Am I back in grade school where often times the kid that bullies you really likes you? HAHAHA I turned him down because I don't see him the way he sees me, simple as that. But still he keeps on insisting himself, bombarded me with crazy, delusional messages, leaving missed calls on my phone, messaging me always on facebook.. it's becoming scary.. coz he's turning into a complete delusional psycho. It's not even romantic, it's SCARY in a creeper kind of way.

You know it's not really right when you supposed to feel the butterflies but all you got are goosebumps.-MG

I'm not really rude when it comes to guys who confesses their feelings to me. I really felt appreciated that someone out there likes me for being just me. I told them first hand what's really on my mind in return because they deserve to know if I like them back or not.  But sometimes there are just those guys that no matter how many times you tell them NO they can't seem to understand the difference between a what and what's not. It's frustrating because how can they claim that they love you, if they can't even get the hint that you're not interested?

It really boils me up when guys who are repulsive, are really cocky and think that they are the best. That just says to me that okay so you don’t have a good personality, so why would I be interested in you!? I’m not the kind of girl who looks at a guy and says ‘eww not in a million years’ if they are nice and we get on. However if they are a complete jerk, then no way! 

To that one person who doesn't get the hint that I do not want to talk to you..

Stop being so desperate. If I ignore your email, then your text message, then your phone call it means I have no interest in speaking with you. Really that’s just plain sad. And no you can’t buy me a coffee sometime because I’m not interested and if I had been this would have defiantly made me be disinterested. Nothing is more sad and pathetic then a desperate person so just stop.

xx, myarah


Jen | August 11, 2012 at 3:18 PM

i love this ate mara :)

Anonymous | August 14, 2012 at 4:39 PM

For the win, mga problema ng mga magaganda.... mga ilusyonado hhhhaaaa

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