Karl Samia's Farewell.

Last picture together. ;'(
That guy friend

Who looks after you as in, if you talk about other guys that you like,
he won’t get jealous or clingy.
Instead, he’ll tell you if you’re wasting your time or to be careful.
That guy friend that protects you from getting hurt.
He warns you about anything.
He cares about you and you can talk to him about anything.
There’s no awkwardness between you two and he makes you feel good.
Yeah, that guy. My brothaa, Karl Samia.-MG

I met him during our friends fashion show, it's almost been a year now but to me it feels like i know him all my life. He was there when someone ripped my heart out, when someone makes me laugh, when I needed a shoulder to cry on, when I needed a goood soul-awakening advice.. All this time he's nothing but my guardian angel. I really don't want to be so melodramatic but I can't help but to put into words what I'm feeling right now, that he's leaving me, as well as MEMA. ;'(
"...Cause you're, like, the coolest person I've ever met, and you don't even have to try, you know..." -Juno
I know it's for his future that's why he's leaving for L.A., it's just that he told as just last week... the thought of him leaving is just to unbearable, we didn't saw it coming, we didn't expect this to be so soon. ;'(

The tweet that made me cry.
Last Saturday he held his farewell party at Izumi, The Fort. It was one of the wildest and craziest send-off party ever... Many people stopped by and partied to show their love for my bro. As his sister I'm so proud to have one of the most loved person in the whole world, he's a good soul so there's really no questioning on that part. :)

I'm getting emotional now, hmmmm soo i'll just keep this short. 

Dear brotha from anotha mothaa,

I'm really happy for all the blessings that was given by God to you (you deserve it) && quite sad because I won't get to see you as much as I want from now on.
You're that kind of person that's really not hard to get along with.
I wish I could become more like you, you know what I mean.. My social skills are lacking. HAHA
I hope I get to bond with you more often, && now it's too late for that. ;'(
All those advices that came from you, i live up to it... I'll keep those in mind, swear.
&& I promise you I won't cry anymore because of any future heartless romance/s. HAHA
I won't get walk on all over again, because I know better now.
You taught me how to stand up for myself & for that I'm really thankful.
You're the brother that I wish I always had.
I hope to see you very soon. ;'(
I love you so much bro and I'm gonna miss you very much.

P.S. Always take care, being in the U.S. is sometimes lonesome. But you know #memafriends is just a tweet, a skype, or a facebook away. && I hope we get Skype Calls on every #MEMAnight. HAHA I hope it's not too much to ask. && Don't forget our plan to have breakky on the Met stairs in the future. :')

With all the love in the world,
your sistuh <3

xx, myarah

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Anonymous | June 5, 2012 at 6:29 PM

this is sweet :)

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