Happier & Stronger.

There are things that comes back to haunt you from the past, it doesn't matter if it comes in the form of a song, a trinket, or those people that reminds you of that pain but you know you have to find a way to get rid of it and put it somewhere away where it doesn't stop you from living your life right now.
I stopped caring. I stopped crying. I stopped getting hurt. & I got stronger.
I don’t know why, but I stopped caring about things a long time ago. I stopped caring about what people said to me. I stopped caring about these people who cause me so much pain. I stopped caring about things that don’t really matter and you know what? I’m happier because of it.
I like those birthday reminders on Facebook because occasionally they remind me of the people I need to delete.-MG
Don't talk without knowing, it saves you from the embarrassment.-MG

Real Love is Fated.

"Who's on your love life now?" "Are you currently dating?" "Who are you seeing?" "Is there someone courting you right now?"... and all the possible inquiries for my love life. Months has gone by and you know what this society expects when you had a failed relationship, they expect that after a few months, you'll get over it and get a new love life. The typical love cycle...  that is, but all i can answer to them is there's no one, no one special, no one important and no one right now that I can call mine and mine alone.

Karl Samia's Farewell.

If I was surrounded by hundreds of pretty girls, would you still notice me? -MG