Time flies, it's been two months since I've got my heart broken, well you guys probably knew it. Well this latest post is not about ranting or being so miserable or so depressed. HAHAHA I'm through with those phases, thank God. Finally, I'm over it... I'm happy and it gets a little easier everyday. The wounds heal and the memories, a more distant phantom. Eventually, even the scars fade enough that the occasional reminder of their meanings brings only a curious smirk. Well you know what they say, you can never bring a good girl down. *APPLAUSE* :D
I'm not dating, I'm not even seeing anybody.. first of all, it's because I'm not open to dating and second, I haven't seen anyone that's worth my time and love.. HAHA I'm not even talking to anyone for the past two months, I'm in an exclusive relationship with my friends especially, my #MEMA friends. They helped me, they're my eye-openers. I feel so blessed because I know I have the best friends out there. Crying until I fell asleep on their arms, talking in the middle of the night until dawn, making me laugh even when I can't even smile, checking me out if I'm okay if I wasn't around.. and all the sweet things you could possibly imagine. I love them to bits.They made me see that things out there isn't just black and white, there are also shades of gray. I know that now.

You may think that I won't survive a broken heart, but I did. The downside is, after it happened I can't feel a thing to another member of the opposite sex. I don't have a crush (celebrities not included) or someone whom I like. Vaz happenin *Zayn Malik accent*?! But I'll figure this out, time will tell. I'm not in a hurry in finding a new love because If I'm going to be in love again, I have to make sure that I'm okay (emotionally ready), and that guy whoever he is should make me feel like I'm the only thing that matters. A girl can dream, right? (: Honestly speaking, I still think about my ex, like we could have been the happiest if he only knew what he really wants. But I'm done hoping, when he told me to move on, I did. I moved on away from him and get a life of my own. Sure there are still feelings for him, but I will follow my head this time. I don't want to get hurt by a guy, who isn't so sure if he wants me. Maybe in time, it'll be our time again, if he figured out that he's positively, irrevocably and undeniably sure that he wants to keep me in his life.

I don't allow myself to get hurt. My heart is well-guarded.-MG

I’m a different person now than I was then. I like to say I enhanced or better like I’ve grown because I have to. I like to say I’ve upgraded. I’m happier. I’m more wiser and stronger than before. I’m just better in general. There are so many things I have to be proud of and grateful for. My family and friends who stood by me and assured me that I’d get through this. Giving me advices and support as each day ticked by. Music, books and movies helped me escape the pain when there was no where else to go and my  #MEMAfriends who are always there giving their support and kind words as well.

So 2 months I’ve been away from him and the progress of moving forward is great. I will never get my heart broken, coz I will never allow it. I'm more careful this time. I know the future is nothing but a mystery, we don't know where the hell we're going in this journey of life but one thing's for sure I'm embracing every change. At this point I’m proud of who I’ve become.

xx, myarah


Anonymous | May 4, 2012 at 12:17 AM

been too long since u've been sad, it's time to be happy.. you deserve it :)

Anonymous | May 6, 2012 at 9:13 PM

i love the positivity! go girl!

Ms. Jhoy | May 9, 2012 at 11:17 PM

Love.Love.Love it :">

anthonette | May 12, 2012 at 8:16 PM

Beautiful just beautiful! happy for ya babe! xx

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