Daranak Falls.

My first nature trip this summer was in Tanay, Rizal courtesy of my MEMA friends with the warm hospitality of Bon Penaranda. :) We visited Daranak Falls to shoot the Second Season of Mema's Onlineserye: DMKSPD, i have a little role there so I hope you guys will check that out. HAHAHA Anyway what I like about Tanay is it's not as warm as it is in Manila.. it was a 2-hour drive on the way there, but it didn't became a boring trip because I'm with the coolest friends ever. :)

3 days and 2 nights of non-stop bonding, that's priceless. We stayed at the 'Vacation House' of Bon by ourselves.. It's like the Mema's Version of Big Brother house. :D Another thing I like about this small trip are the fooods, the Bagoong Rice with Litson at the Budbod House and the breakfast at 1am in the place called "Siyete-Siyete". yummm!

I didn't really got the chance to take lotsa pictures, we are too busy having fun. :D The pictures below are taken on the 2nd day by my bro Claude Villahermosa who happens to be a freelance fashion photographer... my outfit is just laidback, something to wear if you're going to Coachella Festival as what Inah Evans told me. HAHA

 I slept the whole morning so I didn't really got the chance to plan what to wear, they woke me up telling me that it's time to go, so quickly I styled myself... grabbed clothes here and there and accessorized myself instantly. So for this whole ensemble I wore a Denim polo and a high-waist shorts from Guess, a beaded string earrings (which was my friends favorites) from Forever 21, a tube top from The Ramp Crossings (the 'Apartment' store) and pumped it up with Clubmaster sunglasses from Folded and Hung. :)

xx, myarah

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