Annoying Creeper.

There's always this one guy that goes “Oh, I’ll walk a thousand miles just to see your face” “I’d walk in this 15 degree weather just to see you” “We'll be together forever” lol stfreakinup. You’ve only been together for a few weeks or you've only met her just a few weeks ago. You go from one girl to another after going out for a couple weeks. That isn’t love, ugh creeper. If it was love you wouldn’t have been able to move on so quickly. She ends up hurt, you end up with another girl. Stop playing with a girl’s heart. A girl’s heart isn’t something to messed around with.
Guys are sometimes dumb. They know you’re not interested, and yet they still go after you because they sees you as a challenge. It’s like, hellllooo obviously I don’t like you that way. It’s so frustrating because I don’t usually care about guys, or check them out, or even search for them. But every once in a very very rare while, I’ll find someone that I just can’t take my eyes off and I become absolutely crazy about them. Okay, that only happened once. BUT, I’m not interested in just any guy. Anyway, guys just really need to learn to back off. Especially when they use those really cheesy lines and expect your heart just to melt over them. And the creepy ones that seem to know everything about you. OH! Or the ones where they ask you everything you like, and they say the same things just because they think that will work. Or those guys who uses reverse psychology like "I know you won't like me, because I'm just like this, and you you're beautiful, smart, and kind". They thought it would get you to say "No you're not 'just' like that, the truth is "i like you too". It’s like just BACK OFF. Haha, I don’t know if any other ladies, or dudes, agree with this. But it’s just annoying. Ahhhh.
It’s not that I am someone you can’t have… It’s the fact that I am someone you never intended to have…-MG
I'm not dating.. sure there are guys who asks me out, but when I sense that they want more than friendship from me, I instantly backout from every connection I have with him.. because I can't see something more than friendship between us. NO SPARK or whatever. And I don't want to be like those other girls who leaves a good guy hanging. It's better to cut them loose than to run in circles. I'll share with you guys these 2 stories, there's more but I don't want to turn this blog post into a novel. HAHAHA

There's this guy I've met through my bestfriends' boyfriend, he's a nice guy until his action proved otherwise, he told me it was love at first sight & I am his dream girl, so he started calling and calling me && this goes on by 2 weeks.. then he asked me if he can court me officially, I bluntly said No, because I'm not interested to have a relationship right now, and that I'm still hung up on my ex.. He didn't stop bugging me for 2 days, then I've told him to stay away because this is getting ridiculous, then after two days had he got himself a girlfriend. So much for his love! HAHAHA Well I guess, he wants to prove his point that he can get another girl, coz too bad, he can't get me. 

Another, my friends introduced me to this guy.. he's nice and he makes me laugh but that's it fast forward to the part that he thinks he's inlove with me, he's beginning to become the stalker type. He asks my friends about my whereabouts all the time then if me and my friends are outside, one minute I'll notice him, already there. He's contantly bbm'ing, texting and calling me almost the entire day, Whoaa already too much right?, and it's starting to get scary.. I tried to get straight up with him, so he'll stop all these creeping.. but he can't seem to get the point && I'm running out of patience for him. Hmmm oh well, God has reasons.

xx, myarah


Anonymous | May 18, 2012 at 10:21 PM

ohhh you're back! i love this

Amanda | May 19, 2012 at 3:33 PM

i guess that's the downside of being you and all, you have to handle a lot of creepers :)))

Anonymous | May 19, 2012 at 6:12 PM

that's scary ;#

Saya 将来の大将軍 | June 22, 2015 at 3:12 AM

IK what ur going trough
a guy who tought in his mind he acted like we were married
he was even wearing a ring and said cheesy shit too me ughhhh i hate him so much and now he acts like we were toghter

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