Philippine Fashion Week Holiday '12.

May 27, 2012 - Me and my friends went to the finale show of this years' Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012. We watched Jerome Salaya Ang's fashion show entitled Sin, Skin, and Bones sponsored by L'Oreal Paris. It was amazing every piece of the collection, i'll surely wear it if I have the chance. HAHA My friends also thinks so, they're very keen on watching fashion shows like this one and like them I know a good show when I see one. :)
I'm not going to be bitter about what happened to us, because I know what we had was something real, what we had was truly special. And if ever you found yourself, come back to me.-MG

No Regrets, Just Love.

Just because it didn't last forever, doesn't mean it wasn't worth it. It may just be worth more than anything that could last forever.
Live your life the way you want to. But make wise enough choices to not be regretting yesterdays words or actions. Just love like you want to with that person, for the rest of your life. Just love, the way Jesus love you. Just love, unconditionally, the way your parents love you. When you fall for someone, know that it's a forever thing, as to a temporary thing for the moment. Don’t do rebounds, that don’t work. True love, yeah, sweetheart, that sh*ts the real deal. That is forever. So if that’s what you’re holding onto, i want to never let go. But if you do, let it fly.  Don't regret opening your palm for that love to be gone. Live with no regrets, just love.
In that moment I thought I've moved on.-MG
I'm not writing about him anymore, is that scary?-MG

Annoying Creeper.

There's always this one guy that goes “Oh, I’ll walk a thousand miles just to see your face” “I’d walk in this 15 degree weather just to see you” “We'll be together forever” lol stfreakinup. You’ve only been together for a few weeks or you've only met her just a few weeks ago. You go from one girl to another after going out for a couple weeks. That isn’t love, ugh creeper. If it was love you wouldn’t have been able to move on so quickly. She ends up hurt, you end up with another girl. Stop playing with a girl’s heart. A girl’s heart isn’t something to messed around with.

Daranak Falls.

My first nature trip this summer was in Tanay, Rizal courtesy of my MEMA friends with the warm hospitality of Bon Penaranda. :) We visited Daranak Falls to shoot the Second Season of Mema's Onlineserye: DMKSPD, i have a little role there so I hope you guys will check that out. HAHAHA Anyway what I like about Tanay is it's not as warm as it is in Manila.. it was a 2-hour drive on the way there, but it didn't became a boring trip because I'm with the coolest friends ever. :)
I hate to say this, but you still have the hold on my heart.-MG
When someone exits your life, let them go with class and style. They mattered, if only for a little while.-MG


Time flies, it's been two months since I've got my heart broken, well you guys probably knew it. Well this latest post is not about ranting or being so miserable or so depressed. HAHAHA I'm through with those phases, thank God. Finally, I'm over it... I'm happy and it gets a little easier everyday. The wounds heal and the memories, a more distant phantom. Eventually, even the scars fade enough that the occasional reminder of their meanings brings only a curious smirk. Well you know what they say, you can never bring a good girl down. *APPLAUSE* :D
I don't want to get hurt again.-MG

Save The Argument.

When it comes to relationships — Arguments are better than silence. Because with only silence, it leads to assumptions. And with assumptions, well… usually doesn’t lead to pleasant thoughts. Arguments, at least you know what he/she is thinking and whether you should stay or just leave.-Anon

When you realize you’re wrong, you need to say ‘I’m Sorry.’-Taylor Swift

I don't have a boyfriend or someone that I can actually consider my boyfriend-to-be.. i don't have that one now but If i have a boyfriend now and if we get into fights, I won’t be stubborn with him. If I’m wrong and I know it, I’ll admit to it because fighting any further would be pointless. I won’t try and push his buttons, or try to be sneaky and do anything out of revenge. Just because he hurted me, whether on accident or on purpose, I’m not selfish enough to avenge myself just to see someone I love or care about in pain. I’ll tell him it all straight up, and I’ll try my best not to test him. I’ll tell him what I want, so I’d expect him to do the same. It’d really save us a lot of time and trouble.