The Chase.

So I guess this entry would be mainly aiming toward the general male crowd, but I am sure girls would appreciate this as well.

It’s probably the best part of a relationship- probably because it hasn't even started.
The butterflies comes too easily-
So does the smiles, the laughter.
The secret glances, the jokes, the touch that sends shivers down your spine.
The shy looks, at his eyes, and then, just briefly, at his lips.

It starts small, unnoticeable. You’re not even sure of what’s to come, but it’s the curiosity keeping you moving towards it. Slowly and steadily attachments begin to take shape. Despite your best judgement you fail to curb these progressions and soon you find yourself deeper in the pursuit than ever planned. It’s no longer occurrences of innocent exchanges, but something more intentional between the both of you. True desires becomes masked by the rush of the pursuit and it’s no longer clear cut whether the two paths will remain intertwined or break apart, leaving a simple ‘x’ to signify their time entwined with each other. These things aren’t as important yet, because all you can seem to focus on is whether or not you’ll be able to leave the playing field.

You've been chasing all this time but all you’ve caught are feelings. Be careful.

Okay, we all know that guys love the chase. It’s exciting! A challenge! Well, skipping through the fun and games to the part, Fast forwarding to "when you are getting to know each other flaws and ugliness". That is when you guys, male species, slip up.

During the chase, you would do anything and everything for the girl you are trying to please. I know you all do. :) You go to hell and back and go again if you have to just to get her to say “yes” to go on a date with you. So why does this all change once you have her? I have never understood this. Being the spectator of many friends’ relationship and being in serious relationships before, I myself am at lost when things all of sudden change. Most girls become this clingy girl who continuously needs her guy’s attention after 4 months into the relationship, when just 4 months ago the guy was graveling her every footstep. Is the picture clear enough to see? A little hypocritical much? A little turn of events, right?

Fall in love with the girl. Not with 'the chase'.

I’ve discuss this topic to several of my close guy friends. Their answers are very similar. “Before when it was not a relationship things were all mysterious but when the mystery is solved and done, there is not much work left to do.” All this translate to is “I like the chase but when I get the girl, my true colors come about and she’s actually very boring, I need to find a new form of entertainment.” Seriously? If girls were a mere projection of entertainment for 'guys-to-chase' until they are catch,  they are like a train to be in the cross-country Olympics to please the guys and his addiction to chasing. I'm not saying all guys are like this, i'm just saying some guys are. Shameful, right?

I know I am giving the male species a hard time. This is just to let guys who are not inform, informed. There’s some seeds to plant, ladies and gents.

xx, myarah


Anonymous | March 30, 2012 at 8:16 PM

U really know what to write next. :) ILOVEITSOMUCH

Maegan Lo | March 30, 2012 at 10:49 PM

because obviously some men are assholes.

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