Second Chances.

"Can a once-in-a-lifetime love have a second chance?"- The Vow

 I went to the movies with you-know-who-he-is. HAHAHA For weeks i keep on telling him that i really wanted to see that movie, then fast-forwarding: I literally cried a bucket of tears. It was that awesome, well for me it is. *smiles It was such an inspiring story, for a sucker of love tales like me. I just think that it set another standard for the ladies on how to choose the right guy. Channing Tatum is almost tooooo perfect in that movie, well his character to be exact. I never cried that hard for some movies in a long time now. I'm actually kinda suck at holding back my tears. I just can't help but to cry and the fact that I'm watching with 'him' made me shy coz he might thought that I'm over reacting coz i was crying all over and was so close at snotting. HAHALOL :)

We can't celebrate the Valentines together, it's not a problem though because it's really not a big deal to us. But Valentines is worth remembering- && please don't tell me that we can celebrate Valentines everyday, i know that.. It's just that for 365 days, Feb 14th is the known-well-celebrated-Love day all over the world. So for one day the world is united just to celebrate Love, sounds so cheesy right? haha lol :) 

Sometimes second chances are given to the ones who deserve each other and sometimes you need a second chance because you weren’t quite ready for the first.

 Last Valentines day, it became one of the worst day of my life. Got really down, disappointed and betrayed. So you know, me and that 'guy', came from a looooong journey of twisted ups and downs. Bad memories will always be a part of us. But i realize you can't linger to it forever, you have to make a room for new memories, hopefully good ones. Every minute is a time for a second chance.

So back to the "not-celebrating-the-Valentines-on-the-exact-14th", i decided to take actions, i literally made the time go faster.. because I wanted to greet him a 'Happy Valentines' because i know i won't have the chance to say it personally. #stuckinschool The time then was 9:00pm so what i did was set the time on his wristwatch by 12:00am, now it became the 14th - that's how brainy i am. *LOL on 'brainy' HAHAHA :) He was surprised. NO JOKE. *winks :) So now, i have a new good memory, it took a year to have that second chance on a good Valentines, & it was worth the wait :)

 Second chances in a relationship? They can go either way. Fate has given me the second chance and it has been one of the best things that ever to happen to me. But in the first place should a second chance, or second time around, even be considered? If it didn’t work the first time why would it work the second time, right? 

Maybe the question should be revised. How do you know when a second chance is a good decision? From my experience, you won’t. If your even considering it, you obviously still have some sort of feelings for that person. Should it matter what broke you two up in the first place? Maybe. If it was an argument, should you move past that and see if you two can work it out? They do say to have a healthy relationship you have to have a different opinion on some issue’s. Or should it be a mutual thing? Where you both decide you have gotten over whatever broke you two up in the first place, and rekindled what feelings you had before.

 When someone comes into your life that’s worth all the risk, without excuses, you embrace this person whole-heartedly. And if things ended with this person, you’re left devastated, alone, heartless and unhappy.
But what if all the heartache, struggle, pain, and time apart, made you both better, stronger and wiser? But the love and all, was always there and never changed.

 I now believe that sometimes, goodbye is a pavement for second chances. When you think it’s the end and decide to move forward without inhibitions, you grow for yourself. When everything is right, when both has grown, when the love kickstarts again, then maybe just maybe, it’s your time again and this time, it would last.

After the movie, The Vow,  i asked him to kiss me. I don't know what was gotten into me, but whatever it was I'm glad it did. It was a feather-light kiss, just like when a paintbrush touches the canvas- just right, something too great to be forgotten. In that instant, I felt like we're on the same page, we've finally met in the middle coz we never seem to work it off. Then i realize if or just in case I ended up just like the girl in the movie, that i might end up losing my memories and will never get it back, at least there's that key. Because I'm pretty sure that kiss will be like my mind-opener, coz memories in the mind can fade, wash ashore, or be forgotten... but never the memories of the heart and that's where I'm going to keep it.

We all deserve a second chance at happiness. People do change. What hurt you before wont’ hurt you forever.. unless you let it, you let them. And how would you know if that thing will still hurt you.. if you actually won’t try to cling to that thing one more time?  

Happy Valentines Day! :)

xx, myarah


Anonymous | February 14, 2012 at 1:30 AM

Happy Valentines day! something positive for the valentines, i feel you and i feel like we're bestfriends whenever i'm reading your blog. pls do continue :)

Arriana | February 14, 2012 at 1:33 AM

that's so sweet! i honestly won't come up with the watch idea hahaha

Marah Gaa | February 15, 2012 at 10:21 PM

Anon1 - thank you so much! and belated happy valentines!! <3

Arriana - i didnt expect to come up with that idea.. its just a spur of the moment. hahahha :))

Anonymous | February 16, 2012 at 12:44 AM

The kiss? I cant imagine how you asked him that :))) but still no guy would say 'no' after all it's you :)))

Anonymous | February 16, 2012 at 2:34 AM

HAPPY Heart's Day Marah!<3<3 Gosh. I soo love this post! HAHA;))I wanna watch that Film.

~MARA ^_^y0sh

01 | February 16, 2012 at 10:06 PM

i wish i'm that guy.

Anonymous | February 16, 2012 at 10:17 PM

very sweet! i do believe in second chances, it is the moment to make everything right and to take care once more of something you are worth having. kiss him, too! :)

Marah Gaa | February 16, 2012 at 10:20 PM

Anon2 - hahahaha now i remembered it all over again :>

Anon3 (mara) - Happy Valentines Day!! :> Go watch it, it's not a waste :)

01 - haha why in the world wud you want to be?

Anon4 - the last part, i think i accomplished it pretty well. lol haha thank youu!! :*

Anonymous | February 18, 2012 at 6:32 AM

Swerte mo naman at hinalikan kanya :p

Marah Gaa | February 18, 2012 at 10:32 AM

Anon5 - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA well after all he's mine. lol just kidding. :>

Anonymous | February 25, 2012 at 10:19 AM


lalo na tong line na to~

"Sometimes second chances are given to the ones who deserve each other and sometimes you need a second chance because you weren’t quite ready for the first." <3

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