The Jealousy Game.

It’s not only women who knows how to act and react in relationships. Although most of the time, women are always on the lookout on what,how or why their men behave in some ways, men also are curious to find out if their girls really love them by making them jealous. They act in an odd manner in order to make jealous women exist. but how?

So i was tricked, been made to a fool last night by my "super-duper-close-friend" HAHAHA What happened was he made me jealous, and by the looks of it he accomplished it pretty well. I got pissed, irritated, and a lil bit mad at him coz i actually thought those were true!!!! So he told me that there's this girl who's inviting him to watch a movie. It's okay to me at first because i know that it's just hanging out but then he was hyped up on describing what they'll do - movies and dinner, it's a date to be exact. Then dumbfounded, i was like wait a minute, You and her. Alone, on a date?!! - HAHAHA Seriously is he insane?, he even asked my permission if he can go on a date with some girl. No wayy, that's not fine at all! HAHAHA

I got irritated, made me think if he's just bluffing or he's really interested on going out with that other girl. hmmm In the middle of the talk he keeps on insisting that I'm not irritated more like I'm jealous. I keep on saying no! & seriously i don't know but if that's what you call to what i felt last night, maybe i am, i was jealous. When i admitted it, he told me he was just joking and all those weren't true. No girl's really asking him out. hmm now really? ^ Geez, I can't believe i fell to that trick. LOL ;)

It's a foreign feeling to me because I'm not the jealous type. I don't get jealous easily. I know I’m not the prettiest, or the funniest, or the smartest out there, but I’m good up there. I’m not insecure. I’m comfortable. I admire women, yes. But no, I am not the jealous type. Honestly, I'm happy with who i am. Once you start accepting yourself, the world will love and accept you.

Within my circle of friends, I'm the most quiet. I just love to be in the sidelines watching and observing what my friends are up to. Mostly they are in a relationships, so it's not new to me if a guy's trying to make his girl jealous. I listed some behaviors which i always observed from guys. You would certainly know that he is spying on your reactions and that's he's trying to make you jealous by these. :) <3

  • He talks how he impressed a girl on a random day. He may tell you a story like how he surprised a girl when he went out getting groceries all alone, telling that that girl didn’t really expect a man like him could actually be a family-oriented and a thoughtful person who'll bother to get the groceries on a random day. He’s not really into that girl, maybe he’s just trying to see what your reaction could be.
  • He pretends that he doesn't care. This is one of the most cliche behaviors I've seen in guys. HAHA  If your boyfriend has suddenly stopped being romantic, sweet and has started to ignore you, don’t freak out and make a fuss on it. Observe on what he’s really up to, whether he found someone new or he’s just playing with you just for you to poke him and tell him you're upset and jealous. 
  • He compliments other girls except you. Men knows how irritating it is for girls for being neglected and be told that other women out there are pretty, stunning or fabulous. So sometimes, men use this as a tool to make you feel jealous about someone else. This is by far their most successful test to know that you really love them by waiting for your reaction.
  • He intentionally flirts with women who are taken. Because your guy’s main aim is to just make you feel jealous, he finds it easier to flirt around with women who are not readily available. In a way, you would feel that he is paying more attention with someone else when he should be focusing on you and you alone. Betcha you’ll be trapped with your own jealousy!

Okaay so i've said enough, HAHA i've spilled more behaviors than necessary! I just don't know what will happen if he tricked me again, or for the next time: when it's for real. <3

xx, myarah


Anonymous | February 3, 2012 at 5:06 PM

Sometimes guys will tell you that they're just kidding but deep inside, it's really happening. >;) watch out, you might be fooled!

Maegan Lo | February 6, 2012 at 11:12 PM

A little jealousy is healthy in a relationship ;) it's nice knowing someone's afraid to lose someone

Anonymous | February 6, 2012 at 11:30 PM

i think his hoping na hindi mo siya papayagan. haha (:


Marah Gaa | February 6, 2012 at 11:46 PM

@anonymous1 hahaha maybe, maybe not. we can't really judge.

@Maegan Lo yea, a little. <3

@mako - haha cguro nga :)

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