Knight In Shining Armor.

“Listen to me, mister. You’re my knight in shining armor. Don’t forget it”
—Ethel (Katherine Hepburn) ; One Golden Pound (1981)

I so love classic movies, the idea of love in it, is just so pure. :> hmmm Knight in Shining Armor? Ever watch Sex and the City and get inspiration? Yeah…me too. So, everyone wants to be saved. Not everyone wants to admit it, but we do, male or female. All my life, I read about true love and fairy tales. The white prince, dark castles, knight in shining armor, white horse and all. The thought that someone out there who 's gonna save you, it is just so romantic. Well for me it is, i love fairy tales, every night when i was a little girl i remember my mom reading every single fairy tale that there is to me and to my sister. So it kinda drilled into my mind. It taught me something, that every girl is a princess whether you're a pauper, a slave, a 100-years sleeping girl or whatever, someone out there will save you... for the love of love.

Life Changes.

This is not how I pictured this month to turn out. Things have changed a lot and it is still changing. Its sad that I can’t see enough of my future as I would like but I just have to move on. I honestly wouldnt want to be me right now but the only thing I can do is to stay strong. It’s just something I need to accept. At this point all I can do is to not let it get to me, keep my head held high && become a better person.

Second Chances.

"Can a once-in-a-lifetime love have a second chance?"- The Vow

 I went to the movies with you-know-who-he-is. HAHAHA For weeks i keep on telling him that i really wanted to see that movie, then fast-forwarding: I literally cried a bucket of tears. It was that awesome, well for me it is. *smiles It was such an inspiring story, for a sucker of love tales like me. I just think that it set another standard for the ladies on how to choose the right guy. Channing Tatum is almost tooooo perfect in that movie, well his character to be exact. I never cried that hard for some movies in a long time now. I'm actually kinda suck at holding back my tears. I just can't help but to cry and the fact that I'm watching with 'him' made me shy coz he might thought that I'm over reacting coz i was crying all over and was so close at snotting. HAHALOL :)

Letter To The Future Boyfriend.

I can't believe I'm writing my golden post (50th) now. See how time flies. All the heartaches, downfalls, happiness - the journey, you've been all there. Big thanks to the friends/loves who constantly reads my posts. I so love you all, honestly you inspires me. I hope you guys will keep on reading my stuffs and will look forward for another 50 posts. *hugggs* <3 :)

I’ve gotten a few messages asking me to describe what my ideal boyfriend would be, so instead of answering it a million times, I’ll just post this. :)

I want somebody who is both stable and consistent to their feelings towards me. I think it’s silly to break up with somebody only to get back together a few days later. Quite obviously, I’d like my partner to be completely true, honest and genuine with me, and I’d like to be able to trust them—as well as have them trust me. These days it's so hard to find someone who only wants you, the case is always i want you, but I also want her. && That freaking sucks.

The Jealousy Game.

It’s not only women who knows how to act and react in relationships. Although most of the time, women are always on the lookout on what,how or why their men behave in some ways, men also are curious to find out if their girls really love them by making them jealous. They act in an odd manner in order to make jealous women exist. but how?