Worth The Wait.

and I can assure you, that when it happens we’re going to be happy that we waited.

So I'm back on blogging after a few weeks of not posting anything. I actually miss this! :> Okay guys, I'm not slacking... haha there are just some things that keeps me busy, like school and stuffs. *wink* I just want to thank those people who keeps on asking me if when's my next post will be, i actually feel flattered because i can tell they are looking forward to it, so i hope this post will be worth their wait. :) `m

People who are worth the wait, are the ones who stood by you, even after seeing the unpleasant parts of your character, or the imperfections that ornament your counterpart. When you feel dragged by self-infliction, they continue to tolerate you. You have committed so many mistakes in your life that sometimes you thought anyone would not want to stick by. Though sometimes life likes to throw in another extra, even when you think you do not deserve any.

Waiting is perfectly fine with me. I guess this is a kind of advice, or whatever. Something that has been on my mind for a while. I guess there are a lot of girls out there who are kind of waiting for some guy to show up and whisk them off their feet… well… less, but you get the picture.. maybe? In a way everyone is like that, due to movies, books, shows, real life couples at school. 

Wait for the boy who pursues you, the one who will make an ordinary moment seem magical;
The kind of boy who brings the best in you and makes you want to be a better person.
The boy who will drop everything to be with you at any time of the day.
Wait for the boy who makes you smile like no other boy makes you smile, and when he smiles you know he needs you.
Wait for the boy who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats and have no make up on, but appreciates it when you get all dolled up for him.
And most of all..
Wait for the boy who will put you at the center of his universe, because obviously, he’s at the center of yours. - ANON

When you have been single for a while, you feel kind of lonely, well that’s how i felt. But once you start to look closely at each book, each movie, each couple… doesn’t it seem like fate? I mean, they were all once lonely before meeting that special someone, right? Anyways what I’m just trying to get at is that we are kind of waiting for someone, but once we forget about that and show are true colors, we will definitely meet someone, some day. The right someone. Because honestly who would want to be rushed into a relationship with someone you just settled with? Its better to wait, than to be “forced” into a relationship. You should know your worth and don't settle with anything less. ;)

There are so many things that i want to re-do. Funny how i wish for an undo button in life or a reset just in case i messed up again. LOL There's this one guy P.S. the recent flame :) who i can't seem to remove from my mind and from my heart no matter how hard i try. Deep down i'm thinking that there’s going to be a day where he'll be mine... again. When his voice won’t be so far away. When I won’t have to run to catch him. There will come a day when I’ll be his and he'll be mine. When I won’t lay awake at night wondering about him. When I won’t be worried if he's thinking of someone else.When his arms will be wrapped around me tight. And then when that day comes, I’ll have a smile on my face. A smile that won’t fade. A smile that cannot be taken away or broken. The waiting will have been worth it. As long as his the one on the other side. *smiles

xx, myarah


Anonymous | January 28, 2012 at 12:20 AM

absolutely love this! - miller

anthonette | January 28, 2012 at 12:17 PM

I just love everything in this post!<3 I can say this is my fave among your blogs. *smiles* So me! haha. Seriously babe, I'm also single & here waiting for that right someone. :) Wanna say thank u for the inspiration and advices. haha Iloveyou xx

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