Cheers to The New Year.

Well, we have a whole new year ahead of us. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all be a little more gentle with each other, and a little more loving, have a little more empathy, and maybe—next year at this time—we’d like each other a little more.”
-Judy Garland

Happy New Year, guys! My vacation's over, time for a new post! I know i've been such a slack. For me New year means, new beginning, time for second chances in life and making up for the wrong-doings. 2011 is not exactly my year but i hope 2012 will be! :>

So here's to 2011. to all of the disasters. to all the heart breaks. to all of the sicknesses. to all of the break ups. to all of the things that went wrong. to all of the deaths. to all of the fails. to all of the booze. to all of the bullies. to all of the bitches. to all of the money we don't have. to all the embarrassing moments. to all of the let downs. to all of the things that didn't make us happy.

And here's to 2012. to all of the make ups. to all of the happiness. to all of the cures. to all of the births. to all of the successes. to all of the new people we meet. to all of the strangers that smile at us. to all of the improvements we make. to all of the new beginnings. to all of the things that are going to make us happy. hopefully this will be a good year for each of us.

2011 has been a rollercoaster ride (cliched comparison, but it’s true). I have had the best year for the little parts and maybe, possibly, a little bit also the worst year of my whole life. I have made so many new and wonderful friends and even lost some friends. I have been scared and nervous countless times this year but I never stop living my life because I know just around the corner, fun and love awaits me. Familial and platonic love, but still it's love. I love and lost, got my heartbroken, betrayed by my so-called friends, dissapointed so many times, family problems on the rocks, ** i think you now get the picture of how worst 2011 is for me.

But still I want to thank everyone this year. Each person that has made any impact on my life at all. From my fellow international students at Microtel, US, to all my loved ones, to my bestfriends, to my sister, to my new-found loves (MEMA), & to my heart.

I like beginnings. The little things, like starting a new page in a notebook, or a new text message. Or bigger things, like the new day, new month, or even the new year. There is just something about being able to start fresh. Sometimes it’s just what you need to be refreshed!

Not every memory was good, but I guess it was an experience. I don’t know what the bad times taught me (though I’m sure they taught me something. I mean, that is the necessary tradition.), but I’m sure they’ll be something to laugh about or look on in nostalgia when I turn old and grey.

Anyways i dont want to keep this longer, just good luck to everyone out there for the coming year. May everyones’ dreams come true and New Year resolutions go through without a hitch. Unless they’re evil resolutions of world domination in which case, go dug yourself a grave. HEEHEE (Yea, I know.) Happy New Year and I love you! (:

xx, myarah

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G | January 2, 2012 at 1:49 AM

and to my heart :)

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