Granddad 1st Passing Anniv.

This is a very personal post. Some of you may like it, some of you may don't.. so here goess nothing...

Everyone has someone who’s important to him or her. Someone they cherish more than their own lives. But if that person leaves this world… we have to remember that it’s not our fault… and that they continue to love us… even though they’re gone.
December 24, 2010, my grampa passed away. It's pretty depressing that it happened a day before Christmas last year. I can still remember the call i received from my dad saying that he passed away shortly after me and my sister left to visit him 15 minutes before the actual passing. I feel like my air has just been sucked out away from me. Like my joy went on holiday, and my peace has passed away. My tears began flowing and i asked myself, is this really happening?. I love him so much and it's frustrating to say that i haven't said it one last time to him, but i hope he knows how much i love him. He lived a good and fruitful life, that i'm very sure of. He's the family's patriarch, the wisdom and strength of all of us so without him, everything just doesn't feel right. Like there's a missing piece in my life's puzzle.

It adds to the heartache when people are being insensitive about it when I posts something about the passing away of my lolo last year. They're like "another post again?, it's Christmas time". You see, If you have ever lost someone very important to you then you already know how it feels. And if you haven't, you cannot possibly imagine it.

Good times will never be the same
And our thoughts still remain
We’ll hold you in our hearts
Forever and a day.-Unknown

December 24, 2011, Day by day, and I'm still missing him. I imagine my life right now if he's still alive and has survived cancer. I bet he'll be really happy seeing his whole family together, laughing and merry-making, celebrating Christmas together just like he always wished for. Sometimes when i think about him, i just think that he's just there at the porch drinking his beer or cooking his signature dishes at the kitchen. Ahh that's what i'm missing about him, the good food he cooks. I'm really proud he's my gramps, the aces of all cards. Everything he does he excels at it. He always give 100% of what he got so he's one of the person that i look up to. He's a good friend, a loving father, a good husband, a hard-worker, a public servant, a role model. 

Wherever he is right now, i'm sure he's in a better place. I hope he knows he will never be forgotten. :)

xx, myarah

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