X'mas Love.

Hey angel in the snow, I'm under the mistletoe. You are the one for my very own Christmas love. Tell Santa I'm cool this year. My present is standing right here. Thank God above for my very own Christmas Love. -Justin Bieber

I find it strange that the holidays are so notoriously “tough” for singles like me. Valentine’s Day, eh? Alright, I understand that slightly more so, but what is it about the stretch between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve that has people existentially pondering their memberships in the Lonely Hearts Club and forlornly watching the snow accumulate out their windows or better yet hoping it'll snow in this tropical country? Somebody cue the “All By Myself” (I’ll be at the lounge). HAHAHAHA

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that an awful lot of emphasis is placed on companionship during the holidays. Blame the chick-flicks, the tv commercials, the shows, everything that has a connection to it. HAHA We’re encouraged to find the perfect gift for our partners, indulge in all the cozy holiday activities that are also coincidentally quite romantic, and even track down that perfect midnight kiss. But I swear even singles can still ball out this time of year. 
It seems all my single girlfriends are struggling right now, itching with temptation to call their exes because the Bing Crosby-induced nostalgia is too much to bear. There’s no need for the frowns and audible groaning though, ladies. When all is said and done after this year’s holidays, you’ll have a much stronger buzz. Just make sure you avoid sappy flicks like Love Actually and pop in The Nightmare Before Christmas instead (you can NEVER go wrong with Jack Skellington). *laughs*

For the singles, naa it doesnt matter!. Keep in mind that as long as you are with your family and your circle of friends, Life is already complete. :) As for the happily in love, keep the fire burning! I envy the love you have for each other. I hope you'll spend another holiday next season together. :) And as for me, hmmm too many are struggling right now because they can't even have a decent meal and a good shelter there down south (Cagayan de Oro, Ph). Typhoon 'Sendong' inflicted too much damages and destruction. So i don't have a right to complain about my life, my prayers goes to the victims of the typhoon. Prayers can do so much. P.S. ransacked my closet and found many unused clothes, better donate it at the Phil. Red Cross. Thinking of donating more but i'm just a student i can only do what i can do. && I think that's one of the good ways to share the Christmas love. *smiles

xx, myarah

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Anonymous | December 22, 2011 at 7:34 PM

youer my xmas love :)

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