11:11 - Make A Wish

11/11/11 11:11 isn’t going to happen for another hundred years, so make it something worth remembering.

Whenever the clock strikes 11:11 - consider my wish already given. HAHA I don't know how it started, it's almost 2 years now, but the urge to say a wish every night never leaves me. I don't need a clock to tell it's already 11:11, i just knew it, maybe gut feeling or i'm just really used to it...

I don't know why people are hating this routine.. they put posts like why wait for 11:11 if you can wish to God 24/7. Haters of this routine - tell you what, unlike you, i only wish in this time of the day, so for the rest of the day it's either i'm THANKING GOD or APOLOGIZING FOR MY MISTAKES not HOARDING WISHES or ASKING FAVORS to the Almighty. Got the point? - && Remember we have different opinions and beliefs, everybody's isn't the same with anybody. Respect and be respected.

11/11/11 - 11:11 The wonder of it is it will never happen for another 100 years so yes i'm part of the history. LOL

 In this special day i want to share my eleven random wishes. The granted's and the not yet's. You guess, which is which. These are the wishes i wish every night. :">

11.1 I wish to see my mom and lil sister all the time.
Which is really impossible right now, talking about distance.. because my lil sister is studying abroad so my mum is accompanying her. Gawd i really miss them.

11.2 I wish to be stronger and wiser.
So the next time i fall in love and experience hearbreak... i'll be better at handling the situation. I wanna be a tough cookie. :>

11.3 I wish to fall asleep looking at the stars.

11.4 I wish to step out of my comfort zone.
My friends knew me as the grounded-type, always on the safe line. People around me always telling me what do i have to do, it's like they plan my whole life for me. Which i wanna change, im 19 now so i want to broaden my zone while staying grounded. I wanna experience it both ways, being reckless but being grounded on my own terms.

11.5 I wish to have friends in all of the 6 continents.
We all know nobody lives on the 7th: Antarctica except the penguins so it's just six. lol :) It's nice knowing you have friends in different parts of the world who you can visit when you're at their place. They'll show you around and instantly you feel blessed because you gain a home outside your usual home. :)

11.6 I wish to learn how to play a violin.
I love the classics, everything about it. I want to play something the 18th century music-lovers plays using the violin. :)

11.7 I wish to kiss someone under the mistletoe.

11.8 I wish to fully express what i feel. To be someone like Inah Evans. :>
I'm the type that when you did something bad, i won't say anything to you. Instead i just keep it to myself and let 'me' to suffer alone. Like a bottle of a softdrink that you shake long enough then the bubbles will go up but you'll never took the cap off so you just let it fizzle on it's own.

I have this friend, Inah Evans, she got this vibe that says 'You like me or not, i don't care either way'. She's funny, sweet, expressive and a true person. Who isn't afraid to let people know what she feels inside. Whenever someone badly criticize her or talk shit about her, she's like 'Fuck That, I'm Inah Evans'. So i wish to have a lil piece of that 'InahEvans Vibe' within me. Who is she?... go check on facebook. <3

11.9 I wish to camp, build a bonfire, and eat smores.

11.10 I wish to meet new set of people.
I don't have a hard time making friends, i might be socially awkward first but that's because i'm shy. && I'm still figuring what type you are as a person so when we talk i won't be like too close or too distant, just right. I know how to draw the line between friends and acquaintances. If you talk to me i'll surely talk to you. So after a few encounter, trust me... we'll be like the best of friends. Thanks to the new people i've meet i have a more interesting life. #mema

And for my last wish, actually this one is my never-ending wish...

11:11 HIM.

Dear 11:11,

All i want is for someone to be there for me always. That person would never ever judge me and love me for who i am. He can brighten up my day just by sending text messages to me. He would give me the half smiles that would make my heart beat faster by every second. He would be strong to be able to give me piggyback rides whenever i am too tired to walk. He’ll give me his hoodie so that i’ll be able to wear it when i sleep and smell his scent. He would play basketball and teach me how to play it with him. He would be patient with me and teach me the stuff that i have no idea about. He would make me laugh with his jokes and even give me surprises on random days. He would tease me, tickle me but is never seriously mean to me. He would buy me food as i am the hungriest baby on earth and he’ll stay up the whole night with me simply because he wants to accompany me. Basically, just someone who really loves me and care for me more than i do. (:

xx, myarah


Winda Tiodang | November 11, 2011 at 11:21 PM

i am a new fashion blogger from indonesia living in singapore :) i really like your blog. i will really appreciate & it will be an honor to have u as my blog member.

and of course i will folback!:D also, u can mention me anytime on twitter @tiodang if you want me to check out your latest post & leave a comment ^^ ,please list me on twitter, so i will know u're my follower!! ;)

i've just recommend your post to google!u can check it! that's what u got if you keep in touch with my blog too!! hope u will do the same ^^
(u can add me on facebook and contact me at : cheeringwinda@yahoo.com)

myarahh | November 11, 2011 at 11:45 PM

I just followed your blog, since i love fashion too, i instantly fell in love with it. It's really great. :)

I also reached you via Facebook and Twitter, just check it. I love new friends ! :)

Keep in touch!
Thank you for the appreciation!
and more blog post to us! <3

Gen | November 12, 2011 at 3:49 PM

I'm just browsing then found your site. I love it! you rock it girl!

-Gen - Italia

anthonette | November 12, 2011 at 3:50 PM

Ahhh, Marah, how I love you so. <3 I like your wishes nos.2,3,4,5,7,10 & 11 :"> love everything in this post! keep it up! I really hope that we can share things under the sun & become friends (not just in social networking sites) like lil sis or even best friends.hihi :) because i really look up to you & u inspire me a lot :) <3 #wishfulthinking

Myarahh | November 12, 2011 at 8:47 PM

Awwee, that's soo sweet of you, to said all those things, makes my heart melt! Best friend or lil sis, i'm up to it! :) Love you too! <3

Anonymous | December 2, 2011 at 10:17 AM

i think i already know who's your last 11:11 wish don't worry ill put him in a big gift wrap and leave it under your Christmas tree :) that would be my Christmas gift to you this Christmas! hahahah!!! XD

Myarahh | December 2, 2011 at 3:20 PM

OMG! I know who you are ! - Anon anon ka pa! hmf HAHAHAHAHA I swear if you can't do it, i'm declaring a war. HAHA <3

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