Break-Up Text.

The text that broke your heart. Ever had that? Ever received a text message from someone, whether you woke up to it, got it during the day or before you ended your night & you looked at your phone & saw this long message, filled with words that hurt you, that completely changed your mood from good to bad or worst to much worst, that stopped you from breathing & put you in total disbelief? That everything you guys went through just ended by that text message? Crazy how a simple text message can make you feel complicated inside. 

Would you ever break up or cut the connection with someone through 'text'?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Yeah i know we live in the modern world but that's completely unfair to the other person. And if you had enough guts to ask them out or agree to date them, you should have enough guts to break the relationship or to cut all the ties off to their face, too. I know it's harder, but if you break up in a text message, email, letter, phone call, etc. and IF you consider yourself strong after that, I will personally hurt you, well not physically, of course! But I would consider you to be a weak little bastard!

The ultimate sign of disrespect in the modern world. Might as well slap them across the face with their own handmade belt that used their own back skin. Then you will also be looked down upon by your friends and your ex's friends for most likely. Ever. Thinking it over again, yeah who wants an easy way out? obviously it's you. Fast and convenient. *Clap-Clap* --- Message Sent

It is incredibly rude to break up with someone that you have considered yourself in a relationship with using these very impersonal mediums. I read the break-up tales of several people and it is shocking how disposable we have come to regard people. I think the notion that there is a very large pool of dating supply to draw from is giving people the idea that they can dispense of relationships quickly and painlessly and move on to the next love interest.

People want to avoid confrontation and they get to control the timing by effectively breaking up without the recipient being a part of it. It’s so passive aggressive that unless the recipient is very confrontational and forces the hand of the sender, it is likely that the they’ll be shocked into accepting it. Would you really want to have a break up discussion going back and forth over text, email or IM? Then after a few moments of discussions, you'll eventually get tired because it's not the same as ending it personally.

It will make you think like, "Gee ending it with me, with text message. I must have really meant the world to you. Thanks a lot!" *sarcasm-implied* I guess cutting all the ties through text messages with someone who at one point became special to you... isnt' the one. One thing we always forget, in a relationship, there's always two people involve.

xx, myarah

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