Bros Before Hoes.

Bros before Hoes you may be wondering why i chose the guys version instead of the Chicks before D*cks. I mean it's obvious it's less 'R-18-. :) *wink* LOL 
“People in pain don’t always see things as clearly as they should.”— Nicholas Sparks (The Best of Me)
Whether guys do it intentionally or not, they hurt us. They hurt us when they love us or when they don’t. Love hurts. It’s practically an injury. Sometimes, most of the time, it’s worth it. Whether you get the fairytale ending or the tragic cliff hanger- it’s worth it, because it makes you, you.

“No I am right, you are wrong. Just you wait and see” blah blah blah And then that moment comes.

“Bro, I TOLD you so”

Lovers to Strangers.

"To keep your life moving in a healthy direction, you need to determine exactly where an ex fits into your life, or he'll continue to affect you and your future relationships," -Janice Levine
“I still want to be friends.” “We’re better as friends than lovers.” Those words are the kiss of death in many relationships. Are they simply said to soften the blow or are they genuine? Even with the best of intentions, it’s tough to become buddies after a breakup.

Mistakes, Makes Me Human.

You know my name, not my story. You’ve heard what I’ve done, but not what I’ve been through.

 I wish I was euphoric, but then again, when you’re hurt too much there are some things that are hard to bring back. But i’m thinking that sometimes you just have to make the decision to be happy. Just realize that things aren't ever what you hoped they’d be. Not ever. For anybody. The only thing that separates one kind of person from another is that there are some who stay angry about 'it' and there are some who accept what comes their way.
Sometimes GOOD people make BAD choices. It doesn't mean they're means they're HUMAN!

Relationship Status.

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. -Victor Hugo
I believe there are far too many types of love to put a solid definition on it. People feel it at different times, for different reasons, in different intensities, and that love is something that can grow and flourish or slowly dwindle away depending on the kind of relationships people have with others. Everyone loves differently but I think you know when you love someone. It may be scary to admit but you just know, you do. ;">

Lost in Love.

No matter where life takes us, we had something special. i never wanted it to end and i never wanted to replace it. but there's nothing i can do.

I'm in 'that' moment when you want to tell someone that they’re all that you think about, but everything else has gotten in the way and you’ve fucked up once to many. That moment when you just really want to let go and break down, but you can’t because the time for 'that' has passed and you have to deal with the pain. That moment when you really wish they were still there, even as a friend, and you didn’t feel awkward texting or even calling them. That moment when you can’t say anything about it, because it can no longer be so and you'll ask yourself what the hell is the point?.

Break-Up Text.

The text that broke your heart. Ever had that? Ever received a text message from someone, whether you woke up to it, got it during the day or before you ended your night & you looked at your phone & saw this long message, filled with words that hurt you, that completely changed your mood from good to bad or worst to much worst, that stopped you from breathing & put you in total disbelief? That everything you guys went through just ended by that text message? Crazy how a simple text message can make you feel complicated inside. 

Would you ever break up or cut the connection with someone through 'text'?