Special Delivery: Dream Guy.

It’s funny how all of us girls build this dream guy in our head, and we always end up falling too quickly for the ones that are just “good enough”, but they really don’t fit the idea in our heads at all. There are always seems to be something missing from the ones we cling to so quickly. And usually that “something” is a huge “dream guy” priority.
He holds me when i start to cry, makes me smile with just his eyes . Shares my hopes, dreams, fears . He wipes away all my tears. I love him with no regret , I just haven’t found him yet .— Taylor Swift. <3
I like well-mannered boys. I just find it really attractive when a guy can act mature/proper. I’m tired of perverted losers that don’t know how to treat or talk to a girl correctly; calling them hot or sexy and using inappropriate language towards them. I’m mostly vying for a gentleman that actually puts meaning into his sweet talk, making it more believable than it already may be. You know, just a guy who looks beyond a girl’s appearance, and more into her heart. That’s just my type though.

In all honesty, I don't want a boyfriend that looks like a model, looks arent everything for me. I don't want a boyfriend that takes life 'too' seriously, I have a sense of humor, therefore I am a goof troop and crazy as hell. HAHA I don't want a boyfriend who feels the need to go out and party every weekend just for the fun of it without actually having any occasions to celebrate, coz I like staying home watching movies and playing video games. I don't want a boyfriend that depends his decisions based on what his friends may say , I want a boyfriend that has a mind of his own.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want a perfect relationship, because those obviously don't exist. I just want somebody I can be myself with, somebody i can be nothing with. Nothing? Yes, nothing. I've heard it lasts forever.
My friends always call me as the shy one, the fool in love, the old-fashioned, the one who dreams romantic things and mostly, the one who prefers long-term relationships over short-term flings. But who can blame me, i don't usually fall in love, but when i do i fall hard.

I’m attracted to the type of person who..

  • who is a lil bit of a challenge, but eventually shows how much of a good person he is.
  • who still talks to me, even though I pretend to be mad sometimes.
  • who is serious in life, serious to be with me
  • who wants to be with me, as much as i want to be with him
  • who loves God, and puts him at the center of his life.
  • who doesn’t care what we do, as long as its with me.
  • who puts aside all the other people “hollering”, and claims to be taken because he only wants me. 
  • the one who sees my imperfections, but yet still thinks I’m perfect for him. 
  • the one who say things that they mean, and not to everyone else too. 
  • And the one who make you feel special, by not doing much.. <3

    That's my dream guy though. Just like the lead character from the classic 'Wuthering Heights', the stoic Heathcliff. The funny thing is when you least expect it, the actual guy you’ve been dreaming of will walk into your life at the exact moment you need him the most. He’ll take your breath away, and sweep you off of your feet without even saying a word. The things you love about him won’t be the things you ever loved about anyone else. It will be the way he talks, and how his awkwardness fits yours perfectly. The way he can’t use chopsticks to save his life, and the way he doesn’t try to fit in with everyone around him. The way his eyes smile, and how he makes your heart smile. The way that a hug can mean so much more than any other hug you’ve ever experienced. And the way that you can’t wipe the actual smile off of your face for hours after seeing him. 

    xx, myarah


    J-enny | September 14, 2011 at 10:10 PM

    i'm here at your blog again, it's addictive. ILOVEITINHERE!!!! post some more pretty girl!~~~ love from australia

    Anonymous | September 15, 2011 at 12:36 AM

    my oh my, every post is getting better. so good!

    - @flavialovedemi on twitter

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