I Love to Be Loved.

"Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can still stand." - Anonymous

I miss being taken.

Holding hands with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Walking around the mall, getting people stare at you, and get jealous of you or your boyfriend/girlfriend. Having people try to ruin your relationship. (HAHAHA) *wink All the hugging, the kisses, pictures, videos, everything. Having healthy fights. Cuddling with the only person you want to be with, messing around with him, being crazy with him. Introducing him to all your friends or your group. Staying up late, just talking to him. Laughing about everything. Sharing stories at the end of the day. Being mean to each other. :)

Just about everything.

I never really quite understood this when I saw it while flipping through this strange book. Is it like, you “love” to be loved by people, or you love (action verb) to be loved back? I’m not sure if I’m making any sense right now, but do you get me? But I think it’s the second one, cos the first one sounds conceited.

Anyways, I just saw long-term & newly-hailed couples these past few days. They sure looks happy together. The love between those people really radiates and you can't help but to be inspired by their stories. Guys does so many cute things for his girlfriend. But then, I can’t help but realize how miserable my “love life” is compared to theirs, and a million others that have so many cute things that happen to them with someone special.

Lol I’m not jealous, like I’m just stating the fact that it happen to me once, and it's a very magical feeling. I mean, I’m not looking for a guy, I’m not desperate for a relationship, and I’m not demanding for a fairy tale. I just can’t help but yearn for those things. I hope it’s not bad to dream once in a while right? I guess. :)

 And I’m not gonna whine about how I’m super lonely (haha because I’m not) and I’m not gonna complain that it’s cos I’m ugly and no one likes me. But I’m also not gonna be Mulan and look for my prince charming. Cos I don’t think it happens like that. You can’t “look” for that special someone. If it happens, then it happens. But guess freaking what? Nothing’s happening in my life lmao. That’s just the sad part that I wanna point out to everyone. My life is so boring right now, I might even wish for a meteor to hit my house just so I have something out of the ordinary.

Or when i think about it i'm actually on a love hiatus... guys tries to holler but i'm really not interested to be in a relationship again. & if they are really so persistent in asking me out, i pretend that i have a boyfriend. *HAHAHA* (the secret's out) I'm just not ready to fall in love with someone, coz i'm still undeniably inlove. That would be unfair to anyone right? so I just want to stay like this, single but inspired.

  I'm not texting anybody now, not dating anybody, not talking to anyone who claims that they like me... so pretty much i'm 100% single. Enjoying my life as it is while trying to find myself, accepting changes, looking for inner peace, balancing everything, correcting my mistakes and learning from them. Hoping it's all for the better.

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