The Guy Friend.

I love those guy friends that look after you.

by Marah Mendoza Gaa on Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 10:50pm

Looking after you as in, if you talk about other guys that you like,
they won’t get jealous or clingy.
Instead, they’ll tell you if you’re wasting your time or to be careful.
Those guy friends that protect you from getting hurt.
They warn you about anything.
They just care for you and you can talk to them about anything.
There’s no awkwardness between you two and he makes you feel good.
Yeah, that guy.

A friend, simply a friend, just a friend.. :)

I was just browsing and browsing on the net today because i'm still sick as hell, bed-ridden to be precised. HAHAHA Then i bumped on this note on my facebook page which i made a few months ago. It's the one above! :) So it gave me an idea why not write a more extended or a more descriptive post about guy friends here in my blog for the whole world to know what i want to blab. *wink*

Growing up, i was labeled as one-of-the-boys, i'm always surrounded with boys because i'm enrolled in a school where male population of kids is more dominant. While at home, i have many boy-cousins & most of the time when i'm with them we play videogames, action figures, radio-control cars etc. I dressed in shirts and shorts and my long hair is always on a pony tail. HAHAHA So what i'm saying is I really have that part of me where i can always be familiar with guys. Not in a romantic way, but in a friendly & comfortable way. :)

I don't really have many guy-friends, coz first society's standard is a lil f*cked up, when you talked to the opposite sex they'll right on consider you as flirting and they'll even make a story that you two are really dating. gee grow up dudes! Second of all, whenever i already consider him as a guy-friend. He'll surprised me with a confession that he likes me, so then it just ruins the whole thought of the just-the-guy-friend. &&Third, I just can't find someone who wants a just-a-girl-friend. So the few guy-friends in my life right now, they know that they have me for life.

I went to a birthday bash last week with my friends and there's this guy there who wants to make an eye contact. I keep on ignoring him, and busied myself texting my bestfriend, Aj. But then the staring became over the top, we all know Staring is rude. hell, i really tried to be nice, so i acted as if everything's normal. Then that guy talked to my other friend asking my name and all that shizz. So i felt uneasy but luckily, my friend, Claude, noticed so he just told me i should exchange seats with the other girl there so it'll block the stare of that perverted loser. I knew him since i'm in high school. We don't often see each other because of school or his work but we know we can always contact each othaaa. So back from the story, that exchange of seats didn't stop that loser. Few minutes go by and that loser became aggressive, he almost grabbed my hand but Claude slapped the loser's hand just in time. HAHAHA He slapped it nonchalantly as if he did not do it on purpose. *kudos* & then he said, let's go find the others. I tried my hardest not to laugh, but that's an epic win.

Know that “gay friend” can co-exist as a guy friend of another variety. Right? My BFF is actually a gay guy, his name's Almer Kyoshu. I love how he's always there for me and he listens to all my heartbreak stories. And when I cry and cry  he'll tell me to stop because i look so ugly with all that puffy eyes. I wish i could see him as often as i like. He doesn't have the time to meet me anymore because of his busy work schedule. Sadddddd!
For a girl and a boy to be truly best friends, it has to be implausible, chemical, somewhat distant and unarticulated, and bone-deep. (Not boner-deep, you get me?) You’ll probably fight and explode and fight and explode but ultimately how can you do anything else with the bizarro version of yourself?
Anyway, outside of actual life, there is pretty much nothing that characterizes a variety of girl-on-guy friendships with any accuracy. Like, to the point where the olds think that we are faking them out on it. :)

xx, myarah


kris | September 8, 2011 at 8:26 PM

love this post can relate,i also want just-a-guy friend pure friendship nothing more! continue writing good blogpost

myarahh | September 8, 2011 at 8:27 PM

thank you so much kris! :)

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