Left In The Past.

Keep on beginning and failing. Each time you fail, start all over again, and you will grow stronger until you have accomplished a purpose - not the one you began with perhaps, but one you'll be glad to remember.
- Anne Sullivan

You can’t get over someone by focusing simply on the fact of forgetting them. Believe it or not, it actually makes you think of them even more. It’s like watching a clock, waiting for time to go by. Time seems to move slower, and you can’t stop thinking about it. You'll just tell yourself that gosh, is this really happening like seriously how much longer will it take for this to be over. Then it’s only when you forget to focus on “moving on” that you actually do.

Stay Calm and Let God.

“Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright.

— Bob Marley

You win some, You lose some.
This is inevitable/unavoidable, whatsoever in a relationship and always has been. But there’s no sense in holding onto your bitterness or anger for whatever loss or hurt you’ve experienced for longer than you have to. I see this in my friends all the the time but i find that it’s more pronounced when i see it in myself. I think the problem is that when we willingly remain angry, we dwell on and wallow in the destruction of this one emotion. We relish in the harm it causes to ourselves, like the self-justified masochists we are and love to be.

Break Her Heart.

“He’ll only break your heart, it’s a fact. And even though I warn you, even though I guarantee you that the boy will only hurt you terribly, you’ll still pursue him. Ain’t love grand?”— Anne Bancroft, Great Expectations

Happy Monthsary.


This post is extra-special, coz just so you know i've reached my first month in the blogging world. THANK YOU!!! I've received tons of love, appreciation and postivity all through the entire month so i hope it'll continue all the way. I never expected that a lot of you guys would appreciate my writings or the sneak to what's going on in my mind. Behind the craziness, the love-filled posts, the fun in writing, the inspirations -- I want to say BIG THANKS! (:

Special Delivery: Dream Guy.

It’s funny how all of us girls build this dream guy in our head, and we always end up falling too quickly for the ones that are just “good enough”, but they really don’t fit the idea in our heads at all. There are always seems to be something missing from the ones we cling to so quickly. And usually that “something” is a huge “dream guy” priority.
He holds me when i start to cry, makes me smile with just his eyes . Shares my hopes, dreams, fears . He wipes away all my tears. I love him with no regret , I just haven’t found him yet .— Taylor Swift. <3
I like well-mannered boys. I just find it really attractive when a guy can act mature/proper. I’m tired of perverted losers that don’t know how to treat or talk to a girl correctly; calling them hot or sexy and using inappropriate language towards them. I’m mostly vying for a gentleman that actually puts meaning into his sweet talk, making it more believable than it already may be. You know, just a guy who looks beyond a girl’s appearance, and more into her heart. That’s just my type though.

Being in Love.

I was reading last night the book The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore. It's the sequel to the "I Am Number Four" book, that we all know became a movie late last year. Then, when i've turn the next page the below paragraph is what i saw and fell in love with it immediately. Don't we all? after reading that, i bet you'll realize everything is absolutely true. Whether you may be bitter now or not, you know it's true. :)
"Being in love is a very strange thing. Your thoughts constantly drift towards this other person, no matter what you’re doing. You could be reaching for a glass in the cupboard or brushing your teeth or listening to someone tell a story, and your mind will just start drifting towards their face, their hair, the way they smell, wondering what they’ll wear, and what they’ll say the next time they see you. And on top of the constant dream state you’re in, your stomach feels like it’s connected to a bungee cord, and it bounces and bounces around for hours until it finally lodges itself next to your heart." — Pittacus Lore (The Power of Six)

The Guy Friend.

I love those guy friends that look after you.

by Marah Mendoza Gaa on Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 10:50pm

Looking after you as in, if you talk about other guys that you like,
they won’t get jealous or clingy.
Instead, they’ll tell you if you’re wasting your time or to be careful.
Those guy friends that protect you from getting hurt.
They warn you about anything.
They just care for you and you can talk to them about anything.
There’s no awkwardness between you two and he makes you feel good.
Yeah, that guy.

A friend, simply a friend, just a friend.. :)

I Love to Be Loved.

"Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can still stand." - Anonymous

I miss being taken.

Holding hands with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Walking around the mall, getting people stare at you, and get jealous of you or your boyfriend/girlfriend. Having people try to ruin your relationship. (HAHAHA) *wink All the hugging, the kisses, pictures, videos, everything. Having healthy fights. Cuddling with the only person you want to be with, messing around with him, being crazy with him. Introducing him to all your friends or your group. Staying up late, just talking to him. Laughing about everything. Sharing stories at the end of the day. Being mean to each other. :)

Just about everything.

Happy B-day Girlfriend.

I'm dedicating this 11th post to my ever-lovely best girl-friend ever. Happppy Birthday.

The Wordsmith.

Cling to your imperfections... They're what makes you unique. 
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For those who don't know me, I'm Marah, a twenty years old fresh graduate from Manila. YAY me! HAHA I love those people who makes me laugh, which is not really a challenge because I laugh easily. I’m the kind of girl who gets happy over the little things. I love to travel and reading, it comes naturally to me almost like breathing, so if i'm not blogging, trust me i'm reading my books. :)

For some reason our generation is obsessed with everyone being an artist. everyone wants to be a painter, photographer, writer, musician…. myself included. I want to create beauty with words.When I look at the writing of some peers who have this similar ambition, I just want to crawl into a hole either because its a) wonderful and I want to be as good as them, or more often, b) absolutely awful. I view my writing as decent, its not Mark Twain, Leo Tolstoy, or Charles Dickens by any stretch of the imagination but it’s not awful for a 20 year old with no formal training. I wonder what my writing to a real author looks like. if they just view me as an amateur as I view those. Do I actually have a future with creating worlds with a readers imagination? or am I just another kid with a dream, lying to myself about the reality of my craft.

"there’s a part of me which has always wanted to hear a man say, “Let me take care of you forever,”
and I have never heard it spoken before. Over the last few years, I’d given up looking for that person,
learned how to say this heartening sentence to myself,especially in times of fear.
But to hear it from someone else now, from someone who is speaking sincerely . . ."
— Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)
I am what some people would call a fool in love with love and I won't apologize for it! HAHA!
I like to look at the bright side of life and love.
This may make me sound naive...which I, by no means am.
I am also a realist...so while I love all things romantic,
I also know that the story doesn't always end happily ever after,
that sometimes love doesn't flow smoothly and things don't turn out the way we want them to.

I know what it feels like to be completely broken and I am all too familiar with what it means to be hurt. I know what it's like to see something funny and not to laugh. My feelings have been blatantly disregarded. But I still believe that all people are good at heart ... and my trust in people has not diminished. To be completely honest, I hope it never does. Ever. :)

The real challenge is to be nobody but be myself in this world. I’m not a perfect girl. My hair doesn't always stay in place and I spill a lot of things. I’m pretty clumsy, i always trip or fall or bump my head into something && sometimes I have a broken heart </3. But when I think about it and I take a step back.. I remember how amazing my life truly is and that maybe - I like being imperfect.

Keep trying, hold on, always believe in yourself, because if you don’t, then who will? So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about. :)

Keep in touch,
xx, MG<3