Verb: To love

To love is nothing.
To be loved is something.
To love and be loved is everything.

To love, to love, to love, even when you think your heart is exhausted by anger and fear and hurt and disappointment. To love. That is the larger task which connects us all. That is the narrative to which I hope i can strive. I'm a dreamer and a romanticist, i love love stories with a happily-ever-after touch but don't we all?. It's one of the most romantic and breathtaking thing in this world to know that there's someone out there for us, to love.

It happens in the most unexpected way, you feel like falling in the magic of it. But really the truth is we really don't fall, we fly... we fly when we are in love. You feel like you're in the most safest place when you're with that person. Everything becomes perfect. You're happy every moment, good times, well, you know how it feels, good is good & bad times because even if there are misunderstanding or problems along the way, knowing that person stands by you and will always be there for you is simply magical. Feeling that heavenly feel makes everything worth it.

I loved four times in my life & currently in love... we really dont choose who to love, it just kinda happens. You'll know when you truly love someone when every moment you meet him is like the first time you fell in love, & when every time you're not with him, breaks you in half.

Even if we have been hurt, or been broken... just remember, love is the most powerful thing in this world. Knowing you love without expectations, without asking for anything in return, without judging, without having any second thoughts & without hate... everything will surely be okay. Keep the faith & radiate love. 

xx, myarah


Sami | August 19, 2011 at 8:34 PM

ikaw na blogger! lab it

Nicezz | August 19, 2011 at 9:05 PM

HA! Are u in love? lol i'm just kidding
I like your thought! you've a big heart :)

jingmemory | August 19, 2011 at 9:28 PM

<3 love u <3

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