A Prelude.

Love. Life. Aspirations. Dreams. Heartbreak. Friendship.

This blog focuses on these things, and the rest are just a bonus. :D

Let us begin this letter, this prelude to an encounter in the old-fashioned way: I love you.
You do not know me (although you have seen me, smiled at me, or knew someone i knew).
I know you or I will know you. So I do declare myself to you now, with pen set to paper.
I love you, for the love of friendship.

Writing. It’s a passion. It’s kind of what I do. It’s what I tend to do when I have nothing else going on. And it’s what I’ve been doing almost (but not entirely) non-stop since August. This blog is mainly for my own personal agenda. Instead of bottling it all up, this is my haven, my medium where i can shout my angst, emotions, fears, love, joy, happiness, sadness, deppression and all that!.. I'm that normal girl, who also goes through the roller coaster, we called life.

That moment when people tell you they like the way you write. And all you feel is warm fuzzies on the inside, because people believe in you and what you have to say.

When people appreciates my works, i really feel warm inside, the happy feeling you get everytime someone compliments your work, that's priceless. Some people tells me that they can relate to every post that I write whether it's about heartbreak or love, and for that I'm truly thankful. I always tells them that whatever happens, whoever they are. I'm here to listen, to support and be a friend. I hope that they'll stick with me untill I write my last post, i love them so much.. :)

I write what I can't speak out loud. I’m just really thankful God gave me the ability to write, because he just knows I suck at speechI'll post whatever i want, whenever i feel like doing so and wherever my heart takes me. This is mainly to anyone who cares.

xx, MarahGaa <3

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Anonymous | August 20, 2012 at 1:20 AM

Gaaah. I love your blog. :) you're my new inspiration.

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