Sky of Love

Day 3 of sickness. Cold+flu+fever plus the bad weather equals a lil-bit-depressed me. I'm feeling alone as usual and bored as hell. So i rummaged my dad's collection of Movies last night and surprisingly i found  'Koizora' aka Sky of Love, it's actually one of my favorite movies from Japan. A tear-jerker movie, all about love and sacrifice. (:

I was in the middle of watching it when, the main character named Mika, said that Life's like running in a big circle, but sooner or later we will arrive at the place we really want to be.

It made me think of something, something that i very much to realize right now. We can't always have what we want, it's a universal fact. We are young, so we surely gonna messed up but at the end of the day.. you'll learn something. Same in heart breaks, when a heart breaks it means you tried for something. It didn't work out but that doesn't mean that it will never work out. It'll leave you with two choices, one step backwards or two step forward. The choice is always there.

In the movie, Hiro and Mika are two high-schoolers who experienced things too fast-forward. When Mika got pregnant and eventually suffered a miscarriage Hiro stayed by her side. A romantic love story obviously, staying by each other through thick and thin. Then one day, Hiro just decided to broke up with Mika without reason at all. Leaving the girl broken and shattered. Then their paths crossed again. Mika found out that Hiro was suffering from a serious illness and might die for next couple of months through their common friend, Nozomu. She realized then that he broke up with her because he doesn't want her to suffer this tragedy with him. So he pushed her away. Pushed her to the extent that she might hate him for it. Then that day came, he died.

I was crying because how masochistic love can be. We thought that it's the best thing to do, but what if you chose the other way around. Would your fate be different? I guess so. If Hiro only shared it with Mika as soon as he knew his disease then maybe he would depart this world happily, so many time has been wasted. Deep down inside it wasn't supposed to end like that, he shouldn't face it all alone. They should be together, that's how love is... not just for the best part, but for the bad ones too.

The good thing is no matter how long they became apart, their love remain. That's how magical love can be, distance doesn't matter. No matter where you are, no matter what you do, no matter how long you two are apart.. you will always have that little space in your heart just for him... always.

xx, myarah

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