The Girl Who Reads.

Hooray, i accomplished my goal of 50 books this year. I am 4 months in advance, so i decided to make my goal to 60. I love reading, it comes naturally to me almost like breathing. It takes me to a different world, especially if i want an escape. Sometimes i think that's my scapegoat, my personal escape line if i want to leave reality just for a while.

I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us. If the book we are reading doesn’t wake us up with a blow on the head, what are we reading it for? We need the books that affect us like a disaster, that grieve us deeply, like the death of someone we loved more than ourselves, like being banished into forests far from everyone, like a suicide. A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us.

I spend my money on books instead of clothes coz of that i have a problem with closet space because i have too many books. HAHA I even have a list of books i want to read, it's online: go check :) My Goodreads Account
I'm one of those girls who lovingly looks over the shelves in a bookstore, i quietly cries out when i found the book that i want.

"It’s easy to date a girl who reads. Give her books for her birthday, for Christmas and for anniversaries. Give her the gift of words, in poetry, in song. Give her Neruda, Pound, Sexton, Cummings. Let her know that you understand that words are love. Understand that she knows the difference between books and reality but by god, she’s going to try to make her life a little like her favorite book. It will never be your fault if she does."- Unknown

If you will lie to me. I'll understand syntax, i will understand your need to lie. Behind words are other things: motivation, value, nuance, dialogue. It will not be the end of the world, will not be the end of us.

Fail me, i'll understand that all things will come to an end. But you can always write a sequel. That you can begin again and again and still be the hero. That life is meant to have a villain or two.

Why be frightened of everything that you are not? People, especially girls who read understand that people, like characters, develop. I talk as if the characters in the book are real, because for a while, they always are. I wish we could sometimes love the characters in real life as we love the characters in romances. There are a great many human souls whom we should accept more kindly, and even appreciate more clearly, if we simply thought of them as people in a story.

If you find a girl who reads, keep her close. When you find her up at 2 AM clutching a book to her chest and weeping, make her a cup of coffee and hold her. You may lose her for a couple of hours because she's reading but she will always come back to you. 

You will smile so hard you will wonder why your heart hasn’t burst and bled out all over your chest yet. You will write the story of your lives, have kids with strange names and even stranger tastes. She will introduce your children to the Cat in the Hat and Aslan, maybe in the same day. You will walk the seasons of your old age together and she will recite Keats or Shakespeare under her breath.

You deserve a girl who can give you the most colorful life imaginable.

xx, myarah

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